Monday, September 27, 2010

Get int he kitchen women!

So Sarah has tireless slaved over the creation of a fake kitchen for Penelope to make fake food from out of a small lil record dresser thingy. The project is 90% complete, stay tuned.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

All Right Fine.

Will will update this dang thing. Why can't they just make a machine that takes our thoughts and turns them in to re-readable articles of brilliance? I mean, we have little viles of 5 hour energy, I think we are directing our intelligence in the wrong direction. Because you know what? A good diet and sleep and exercise and a relative substance free lifestyle = energy. And that stuff is free (except the food part) But we insist on making 34564332 types of drinks to keep us awake. Where are the mind reading article publishing machines? Where are the robotic vacuum cleaners, wait they have those...oh. Do they work right? Doesn't matter. I can't think lately and well, it sucks.

You know what also sucks? What we settle for. I settle alot, more then I like to and you know what, screw that! We should never ever settle, right? That is when the commies win, or who ever is our enemy. The Muslims? They aren't my enemy, and well I am an American, so I suppose they aren't our enemy, looking at you crazy old dudes in Gainesville FL. Any way, off topic. Settling: My key point here is the person that shows you there tattoo and says, "my friend Carlos did this (Carlos isn't real, its a rad name, not intending to make this about Mexicans, looking at you kooky white people in Arizona). Then the other person within your area goes, "oh, look at mine, Bertrand did mine." Then they both compare there skin art and then obviously price comes into play.

"Yeah Carlos is cool, plus he gives me a great price, I paid $45 for this fairy riding a snowflake on my shoulder"

"Oh, that is cool, Bertrand does his at his house and I just bought him a 12 pack of Newcastle for this goblin cradling a dagger"

Right? I have heard this exact same conversation 100 times. the most important part: these people settled for the cost effective method of permanently staining there skin. I am not saying Carlos and Bertrand are bad at there craft, but if Carlos and Bertrand where worth there weight in tattoo ink, they wouldn't be working for less then $50 or for beer. They would have face tattoos and a show on TLC. Why would you permanently have a drawing on your skin...FOREVER...for the price of a DVD player? Do not settle for that. YOU and I have to look at your tattoo for the length of your flesh being attached to your skin (I am predicting a HUGE comeback for leprosy) Get the best you can find and pay for that shit, make it amazing, deep rich colors, fine lines, the whole thing, its forever! I pay more for car washes then people do for tattoos some times, not right!

So, we got some stuff coming down the line, and maybe some more blogs also.

Don't settle.