Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter is for lovers

Uncle Rick


Get hyped on this journey thru our garden

Snap dragons

Small patch of oregano on the left

Too Close together carrots on the left, a row of basil in the middle, some cabbage and tomato on the right

Close up of the basil

Fingerling potato left, cucumber bush center and the oregano and celery right

Left to right: cauliflower, tomato, carrots

that is a real owl

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Remember that guy that did the Beavis impersonation? Was he cool then or a dork? I thought Beavis and Butthead was dumb at the time so I thought he was a dork, but if you were a fan, was that dude cool? probably not.

I wonder what that dude is up to? He probably moved on to the cartmen impersonation. Yeah, mos def he did that. What does he do now? Lets see, he is probably aged 28-38, so hopefully he is more sophisticated. He probably does a family guy impersonation. I think maybe he started with Peter but then quickly moved on to doing stewie impersonations. Yep, I can guarantee this.

Every does some sort of impersonation (oh side note, only Family Guy voice copy worth its weight in salt is Cleveland, and not Cleveland from the Cleveland Show. Youuuur Welcome) But impersonations. We all do them, good or bad. Me, i talk to my daughter in a Russian accent when we drive around, pretending I am a cab driver who just picked up a baby and the baby is being very difficult in giving me directions. Every once in a while I will get so into character I would circle the block demanding she tell me where she is headed or i will just leave her right then and there on the corner.

Its hard for me, a professionally trained voice actor, to stay in the Russian accent, as 5 years of Yugoslavian barrage has striped me with any other dialect to use. It all turns Serbian after a couple sentences.

What is it with dialects that we like to mimic? Is it mean spirited? usually, but its universally accepted. I am not anti it, but if I walked around pretending I was obese and taking fake insulen shots, I would kinda be a dick. But if i walk around saying half sentences in a Swedish accent, its kinda funny and cute.