Sunday, June 20, 2010

Setting fire to old growth

road warrior-ing

right before she slit the throat of a moose on the other side of that tree

that isn't dirt its a black eye

Foraging for veggies.

It was an exceptional dull colored day except blue...odd.

We took the long way to the campsite

Us leaving my sisters work in Flagstaff...oops

Us looking back at our camp site...oops.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So...I am hearing rumors of certain people living int he state of Colorado who recently had a kid (which I will see in person eventually, maybe early fall?) thinking about starting a blog. Well, let me push you over the edge on why you should.

1. Well..what would I write about?
---What not to write about, look, us here at the Rial Clown Make Up and Water Squirting Flower Lapel Pin Testing Facility write about some of the most hard hitting, mind blowing, fever inducing, chain breaking, high fiving, adjective using pieces of horrible grammar and run on sentences ever known to man. And guess what...its all train of thought.

Wait wait wait...that is right, absolutely non of this is premeditated. Hard to swallow I know, but we make this up as we go. We just sit (stand) down in front of our Mac (HP Compaq) and let the energy transfer from out fingers onto the paper (screen) *Full disclosure, 98% of the time this is written in between lifting heavy boxes in the middle of a eastern euro sausage smelling warehouse.

2. Who will read it or care?
--Who won't read it and care, look, people that work in offices will read anything, I ran a recent study and by ran I mean I just made this up, but 3400% of office time is spent reading blogs. Throw your hat in the ring.

3. I don't think I will be able to post very regularly, and have enough o say that will interest people?
--post pictures. Or post videos of cats.

4. Well, if I do this, will I be exposing myself to the Internet world?
--No, everything we say on here is a lie. Even that.

So, hopefully that helps you decide.

Now. Oil spills. That stuff SUCKS. Enough said. Well maybe we can say more. Don't buy ARCO, its BP, BP sucks. I don't care if they are spending billions to help birds, they are a crummy company that can't cap a well. I also don't care what Sarah Palin says. The only person to blame is the mother effers who can't stop oil from destroying our oceans and beaches, which is why we push them farther and farther away, if this was closer to the shore, well, then it would just get on shore quicker. look, oil is totally last year, lets move on.

Soccer. Don't like watching it, its kinda boring. We respect the athleticism, and the competition, and are fully behind country vs country sportsmanship...and gambling. Go GHANA!

So we started the month out strong, sorta blew our load, this post is less then par, but get ready...we are brain storming ways to make this even more pointless and random.

Vaya con dios

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walk a couple feet in my shoes

Scream for me Phoenix

We rarly discuss the recreation activity's the Rial Blog Corporate Retreat Team Leaders partake in, you know, Sarahs cakes, Coreys manifestos, Sarahs collection of Asian stereotype jokes, Coreys bands. So lets rap about the bands. Last night was a record release for a compilation not one but two of my excellent/yet not for everyone rock bands is on. Both bands played, back to back, and holy hell...I am spent.

One thing about going to a rock concert, you are there to be entertained, your there to relax and enjoy music/drinks/pool/the company of other people that go to small bars on Tuesdays. It is a little different when you are the entertainment. And in the style of music I play, I am really only "entertaining" for 25 minutes tops. Last night it was like 45 minutes, but yeah, its odd. Playing two sets back to back under the bright lights in a warm Arizona summer sucks. I am covered in set, tired, salt in my eyes, voice blown out, small cuts all over my hand, plus I have to help load heavy gear into a car not designed to carry that stuff. Now look, I am not complaining, i am just explaining how, really, sans the 25 minutes I am on stage, i am there to do the same thing as everyone else there is to do, only with a completely sweat soaked shirt and a sore body. Its weird.

So any way, if your into the antiquated form of musical delivery called vinyl and want to buy a really cool record featuring two Corey bands and 11 other not Corey bands, check out and tell em big baby sent ya.

Not getting my desired point across and sounding like a pretentious prick blog...OUT!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Remains of the Day

Lets get socialized

Man, had to change the starter on this blog, thought it was the battery, but the damn thing just wouldn't turn, I thought it was under warranty...but apparently those don't really cover anything, who would have thought, the person that sold it to me over the phone really talked it up like it was the best thing that was ever offered over the phone. But it is all up and running now, idles a lil hard, but a good point A to point B.

So, there are, at current count, over one billion unique species of social media websites. And I expect this to grow until we start destroying there natural environments to make way for strip farming for McDonalds. I think this blog counts as one, and if it doesn't, it may be more of a hybrid, ala a mule, like a myspace breed with a opinion column of a celebrity gossip site, the result is a sterile, workable, pack mule of a website. Lets see....we at the Rial Blog Two Girls One Guy Hair Salon are on blogger, myspace, facebook, twitter, bandcamp, and various message boards. (most of which are linked at the bottom, in case you never made it all the way thru one of these epic poems of solitude and depression we call "posts".) That is five times the opportunity to interact via icons and uploaded photos and short, poorly constructed sentences (this utility is the main culprit) That is alot of access. If you wee to meet me in real life, you would never ever get that many chances to talk/share photos/show funny youtube videos. Its kinda cool and kinda fake. But I don't want to get into why and why nots and all that.

I really want to talk about a co-worker. He says Facebook is for little kids. He is right, but so are Popsicles and Velcro, two things I am pretty hyped on. He also listens to country music, is homophobic yet loves Elton John, and defends it by saying its good American rock and roll (its not, its good ENGLISH rock and roll) and generally is wrong about everything. Now I may be on facebook alot, but I have downtime at work and get caught up in a lot of pointless info about peoples lives. I also get to see photos I will never see of my friends kids (like these totally badass ones of Loren and his kid on what looked like the most badass camping trip ever. Fuck the desert.) Country music listening co-worker just doesn't have many friends, so he justifies it as little kid. His perception, thats cool. But he is wrong (and he is right)

So any way, people young and old are on these sites and some people let it all hang out. And some live in fear of there parents disapproving (or family member sor whatever). look, your putting your wangs out on the line by sharing your life with the world, let your family know you smoke, are liberal/conservative, gay/ghey/ghay, like sports, etc. Because really, we are all going to die a horrible death that consists of angels and seals and trumpets and anti-somethings and its going to suck, so start living, on line and off.

Welcome back....again