Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blue Blood Bleeds Red

First and foremost, non of this would have been possible with out the camera assist from Stevie. This one is for you. Second and secondmost, the following events occur in real time.

The start of a horror film, peep the product placement

Four teeth:check. Understanding what no mean: work it progress

Flying bears watch over Penelope, take that bible.

"Get off my lawn"

Babys gone wild

Some people say that depression feels like a black curtain of despair coming down over their lives. Many people feel like they have no energy and can't concentrate. Others feel irritable all the time for no apparent reason. Depression just doesn't you, it effects us all.

The beast emerges from its den...wait no that is a baby in a toybox, wrap up, we are leaving....

We only drove like this for 35 miles

What are you doing on my turf punk?

Crushed butterfly or running three card montis at the corner with the wild flowers?

First birthday

Great Success

Yea, that is my name on my hat, is that a double chin or is your face melting?

Whatcha' Know 'bout that

Monday, March 22, 2010

I am afraid I am going to have to run for my life one of these days, one of these days

In the break room of my high end fashion related house of wares is a plethora of magazines for us, the lucky few who get to break from our work day in there. Its the standard fair: Gossip Rags, Glamor, GQ, Retail Eyeglasses Quarterly. But sometimes there is a random wild card magazine. Today it was "Hello:Canada". And I thumbed thru this magazine and it was just a bunch of pics of hockey players and profiles of Olympic Gold Medalists. I wonder if there are other issues of "hello:Canada" out there and what the hell are they about. Let me look.

Well...there is a Hello Magazine that profiles celebrity's for gossip purposes and there is a Hellocanda.net that is an archived web cast show about contemporary issues in Canadian Provinces. So I am assuming that this magazine is a special print addition to this website. Huh.

Any way, we are pretty bored/average/malcontent here at the Rial Blog former tap dance instructors facing ethics lawsuits social club. I mean, we are writing about random magazines in our work place break rooms, and not even finishing the thought, just kinda throwing it out there. I would like to blame the Ides of March. I will also like to not expand on that idea as well.

i swear to god/God/gawd/over spirit/allah/Ares/Baal/chemosh/lemmy/Fenrir/Horus/Isis/Osiris/Jupiter/Krisna/jesus/Loki/Minerva/Odin/posiden/Quetzalcoatl/Shiva/Vishnu/Zeus that some time this week, we will bombast you with soooooooo many pictures your eyes will bleed and you will have to go get lasic eye surgery just to finish viewing the amount of pictures we will unleash.

Things of note:
People that like to party with tea are pissed
Clash of Titans looks like a rad movie, even though the first was rad in different ways.

Au revoir mes amis morts

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Cleansing Waters of Lake Stony Mountain

So the red plastic cubs have been picked up, lamp shades returned to atop lamps, curtains re-hung and the vomit and poop properly cleansed, and thus ends the week of birthdays us at the Rial Blog United Futball Club have come to know affectionately as:clean/make mess/clean/make mess/clean.
Our corporate head quarters/sweat lodge/illegal scorpion drop house has see some traffic these first days of March ( and end of February). By and quick and completely inaccurate head count I am going to say 48 people. That is alot of ginger ale Kool-Aid punch, plates of cheese and crackers, and conversations about desert adapted drought tolerant trees.

So, we the members of this particular Rial Splinter Cell have all grown one year older, and not too much wiser. Sarah has up-ted the anti on how good a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake can taste, and this is a bad thing, and Penelope as accrued more annoying sound making devices. Overall great success.

And how about this rain huh? I have soooo many weeds on the plantation grounds its mind numbing. The crops we grow to feed the resistance are loving this though, soon, like say April, we will have a harvest that includes and is not limited to: amber ale, lettuce, Jalapeno, Eggplant, Corn, Snow Peas, and thru the Stony Mountain Fortress Community Supported Farm plan that Ben and Joe and my sister have bought into with us, some wine, irish ale, pale ale and hefe-weizen, Tomatoes, watermelon. So be prepared to be underwhelmed at how not good we are in producing our own food/liquor.

And that is it for now, still waiting on the camera and people to email us photos from theirs. Soon my friends, soon we will reap the rewards of looking at photos.

this ain't Portland, its Phoenix.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Swastikas and Clan Robes

I hate when there is no love, and that makes even less love and then I start hating more and goddamn it!
So, and this is a tired and spent discussion, but why do people HATE gay and lesbian oriented peoples? Really, no reason, we all have to pay taxes, we all have digestive problems, we are all humans and really, no big deal where you stick your privates or what gets stuck in your privates. Key word there is PRIVATE. Shouldn't really affect the way, lets say for example, a guy performs his duties at a warehouse. And when people prefix, "I don't really care what they do" before any sentence, it is often filled with hate, bigotry, half truths, ignorance, hate, bile, cliches, hate, and...well hate, that it makes me want to light them on fire and smoke a cigar and maniacally laugh as they run around ala chicken with head cut off. i hate feeling like that.

I don't act on my homicidal thoughts, and really, since this is sorta a free flowing look into the mind of Rial Blog Oil and Lube Tech number 34, i don't really talk about it. So I am assuming the rest of the world are decent and likable people, so it must be some extreme effing hatred to openly talk about seriously disliking someones sexual choices. Right? no? Whatev'

Lets go with a work example, a women works up in some dept and is a lesbian. She is nice, she works hard, she blah blah blah, doesn't really matter right, she is first and foremost a human being. Well she brought her girlfriend into work and the uproar from some of my co-workers. "Look at that bull dyke, so gross" was one of the nicer comments I heard.

WTF! Really, isn't bull dike suppose to be reserved for a burly women? Both these girls where petite and cute, I was expecting to hear what would be done to these girls if given the chance to mate with them as opposed to unadulterated hate and mean spirited ness.

I seriously bums me out, I do not want my daughter judged by something as stupid as this, I don't want any ones daughter, i just want love. So start loving people...people and stop caring about sex. Its natural, anyway you put it. Or where you put it. It is also no ones business. What f we started judging people by the way we pooped, oh, he looks at it and smells it after he goes #2, oooh she wipes up instead of down....see, that is none of our business and doesn't really matter.

Birthday pics soon, I promise...maybe


Monday, March 1, 2010

Tight pants at the source awards

So we are genital deep into birthday week...not really, it is starting today, but how to you irreverently say we are starting something?...We just kicked the tires on this repo tow Truck we call Birthday Week....We circumcised the mule and are heading down the canyon of birthday week? Hmmm....

Well anyway, much like March Madness in relation to NCAA basketball, we have our brackets filled out and coolers of light beer waiting for consumption. Penelope had a birthday party Saturday and we are still finagling with the paparazzi about the price of the photos taken, so when they are available, we will share with you. The party was rad, the food was good, and the cakes off the hook, but again, stay tuned (unless i forget to write about all that, which happens alot)

Hopefully the Rial Blog Man Made Lake Scuba/Recovery Team will have a new camera this week, so we can take photos of other peoples kids and pass them of as ours, much like we have been doing for 11 months now...and...update ....over?

...Nah, real quick, it got cloudy at my place of work, spooky cloudy, and this dude, totally normal dude, got kinda weird, I asked if everything was ok, he said, in a look or almost horror, "the evil comes" and kinda retreated into his shell. Weird right?

So until the darkness takes you....