Friday, September 18, 2009

No brother I'm from the planet earth

I live in a transient city, that being most the people here were born elsewhere and moved here. It creates for some varied I suppose, but what it really creates is annoyance. Everybody is from somewhere, and I suppose if I left Phoenix I would bring with me "elements" of Phoenix, I would defiantly bring my fond memories and my bad memories. A place does create who you are to a certain extent, at least that is what I am currently thinking. But the non natives in Phoenix sometimes, actually alot of the time anny me.

I was at an establishment called "Taste of Chicago" eating a veggie burger which didn't taste like "chicago" whatever the hell that means. The place is under new ownership and this portly fellow came in and ordered like two hotdogs and a beef sammie. He then looked at the newly bare walls and asked if this place was still Chicago owned (it is not) and he was upset. I am sure they still make there hot dogs with celery salt and whatever is on a Chicago dog, I mean, you don't have to be born in Italy to make good pizza, why do you have to be from Chicago to make a hot dog? He was upset that all the tacky Chicago sports crap was gone.

I suppose that if I moved and they had a Phoenix Suns burrito place where ever I was I would go to it, unless the food sucks, but its not like there is only one place in Phoenix that has Jordan and Cubs crap in the 2 Dogs and Beef sammies guys case. Does that make Chicago culture, sports stuff? I don't really think so, I think it is a step below being a chillis with stupid shit on the walls, but the sports stuff means something to this guy.

I have been to Chicago, three times one summer actually, so I got to experience the place sorta well over three months. Not really experience it, but more than I know Miami Florida so yea. Anyway, the Pizza there wasn't as good as some places I have had in Phoenix, the sports crap wasn't everywhere, it was nothing like a taste of Chicago. Loren told me the food in Greece wasn't as good as Sabas here in Phoenix, so whatev'...places shouldn't be categorized by food. But what should they be...the people, all the people I have met from boston were nothing like the people I met in Boston, people from California...all they talk about is how much they love California...New York...who cares/knows.

Somewhere along the road here I have lost track about my point in this blog, but it had something to do with same shit different place crappier food. Or we are all gods it wasn't that...I don't know.

My friend the easy Mac, Il BLZ has a blog, I am following it, you should read it. Penelope is pulling her self up on everything, and she eats well and she is cute, but what baby isn't, my friends SHay and Jera had a kid, Petra Arden Mehrdad, they have a blog, read it.


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