Friday, February 20, 2009

Gimme da loot, gimme da loot

So....still no baby. I don't think i can wait anymore, I know Sarah can't. The people at work claim its a boy because boys are lazy, and they think my unborn baby is being lazy. So I quickly retorted with "this is America and you can love it or leave" and they proceeded to love it, then I left it. Work that is, to go home and have a nice lunch with Sarah when low and behold...I had been robbed. (enter organ crash and other cinematic sound effects designed to create an uneasy seems of excitement)

What!?! you thought (thats how I think, like when I heard about the Amare Staudamire eye injury, I went huh!?!, no! not now!!!!! why?!?!?!, grammer police have no jurisdiction in my head...or blog) So back to me getting robbed, the mrs. in her due dillagence was of to the store to buy me food (actually with her mom to buy soap or something) and was gone two hours tops, enter me lovingly driving home thinking about hugging my wife, perhaps taking a picture of the hug, maybe in front of our 5' 4' Arizona flag, and maybe she could wear some costume jewlery newly aquired from my grandma who had just passed, and I could wear some underwear, and we could video tape the whole process, then post it on this blog and even but it on our ipod to watch at our own time, on the go. When I got a call on my cellphone, I phone I was planning on replacing with the windfall of cash in our tax return, that our house had been broken into. Horrible you say, well your right. They took our computer, ipod, video camera, picture camera, Arizona Flag, two of my guitars, my effing underwear, some of my wifes jewels, my gmas costume jewlery, a baby blanket...and that is all I know so far. Bummer indeed.

So we called the cops, they said it had been a string of burgleries in our hood, and went on there way, we are trying to get our landlords insurance to cover this...but we shall see. I am out about 4500 in stuff, and deeper in a hole that I can't get out for the foreseeable futurre. So things are looking good around here.

Sarah has been having some stomach pain, and we are hoping it doesn't lead to much, becasue the DR said to go to the hospital if it doesn't go away. She is handling well I suppose, she did come with me to work, were she was showered with eastern euro praise. I also have a great support network (I tried to think of something less gay to say, but I didn't so eat a dick) and special thanks to Nick Norris for letting me borrow his laptop, so I can go to social network sites and post blogs eeerr pay the bills an dkeep in contact.

So....if you got my stuff ha ha ha jokes on me, give it back, if not...maybe talk to you when the baby comes.


  1. Dude, stomach pains + consistency = baby. Simple. I give it until tomorrow. I'll place a dub spot on it (but that dub spot only equates out to like 2 cents, and with inflation, maybe .038 cents).

    If you see any pics of my wang on the laptop, please disregard them.

  2. Congratulations on the baby. I would expect you to have a pic or two on here by now... WTF?!? When can I come over and see your baby?