Monday, April 6, 2009

Ha ha ha...he said package

Man, work sucks. No does want they want to do, sure some people do something they like, and some people are probably doing what they want to do. But not really. If I could work in a Library, that would be sick...if all my friends worked int hat library it would be sicker. The problem with work is your coworkers. You spend most of your day with them, and in close proximity. Like if girls hang around each other long enough don't they start menstruating together? Of topic sorry...but yea, like that is how close you are with co-workers. Some people may work with there friends and some folk might even become friends with co-workers, but it would be entirely way more awesome if it was all friends no filler.

Coworkers are a sorted and varied bunch, I hate most of them, and its only because they aren't my friends, they disagree with me, they don't listen to the same music, they have no idea what I am really about (same with me, so I guess we have that in common, anyway...) Variety is the spice of life, but there are some times when you want a rice cake (get it no spice, huh, metaphor or is it simile or is it imagery...word play? analogue? shit!)

See work gets real interesting when conversations get started, and these people who have no clue what you are all about, start talking you up like you agree with them. Like because I am a guy they want to talk sports (i know more about sports and what every score is to everything, by the way, so I dominate these convos, but that's not the point because I don't initiate them) they want to talk about "ass" (this is the point where you have to tap your inner Bobby green and try and gross them out so the "ass" talk ends, because A) they aren't actually getting ass and B) the chick is usually gross.) Then they want to talk religion or politics.

It gets awkward because my coworkers have no idea that I would support legalization of prostitution, marijuana, allow gay marriage, remove the borders with Mexico and Canada and care little about Obama or republicans. As far as God, Jesus was just some dude, god may or may not exist, it is not up to me to decide and organized religion is retarded. So try and have any conversation with someone with out confusing them or making them think you belong in a cabin in the woods is not going to happen.

So long build up first, a phrase that is getting over used is stimulus package. What the hell is that any way? I know Arizona is getting audited for its use, but other than that, this hot button key word is annoying. Talk radio is dominated by the pros and cons of bailouts and stimulus packages, but serious stop. What is the stimulus package...ok...really...uh huh...yea. Ok now shut up. Talk about a positive light, not about the hippy Hollywood types supporting it, about how we all need to. Use a different word for stimulus package...can't we lets say every 3rd time call it the bailout box or the big ass loan from the government...something.

this was weak I know, its late, no on sentences...poor diction and end in site....


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