Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Pics, Straight Text

The baby may or may not smile at me when I contentiously make obnoxious noise, which is cool. Me and the wife have some stuff brewing, and yes it is poop, but we also have some other endeavors (and yes more poop). More on that as tomorrow passe's. We are growing increasingly hyped on the baby (I speak for me in the term we) and are looking forward to her coming out party (and the Resurrection anniversary of some dead jew) next weekend. My family is pumped, I am sure hers is also.

So to fill up some space, I want to talk about clothes. Specifically wearing pajamas in public. When did this become accepted? i have noticed it for years, but seriously, when did parents stop caring, the public at large lower its standards, when did this become acceptable outing garb? I was at a coffee shop (it was a Starbucks) and this girl came in with an application, she was wearing some flowing pajamas bottoms and a tank top and flip flops. To turn in an application , the gall! But what angered me the most was she was wearing a bra. She woke up and put enough effort to take off her night shirt and put on a bra, but not proper pants or shoes! To turn in an application. This is the hay day of hammer pants and the ilk, its 2009 pajama bottoms are not pants. Another example, I was at an eatery (it was Chompies) and a girl and her boyfriend/husband came in. He was fully dressed with legitimate pants, shoes that tied a shirt and even a hat. She was wearing pajama bottoms and some thrift store little league shirt, probably a bra. They looked pretty tore up from the night before, but the dude took the effort to put pants on. Seriously. Women (the one who reads this, as I have a very limited fan base) please wear pants in public. If your in and out (hey-oh!) that's fine, but if your planning on staying 10 minutes, pants/shorts/skirt/skorp/knickers. That is all.

--til I think of something better to write.

--oh and Loren is upping the picture anti, so I will take my camera to document my day some time this week.

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  1. I think we had this conversation in 1998. Let me suggest a new blog topic for you, since I cant ever seem to get whats in my head into writing effectively and I feel like you can. The overuse of the phrase "stimulus package" I mean come on.