Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From The Ashes Rise

So welcome to 2010, we can now start saying 20-10 instead of the mouth full two thousand and something, which by the way we in our lives can never say again, it will always and forever be 20-something. So get used to that. BUUUT really, what is the changing of the year, its some bench mark date that everyone breathes a sigh of relief..."thank god that year is over" (god has nothing to do with it, if he had his way we would all be drown at the bottom of the sea, its in his Autobiography, check it out) but really, when the calender flips does all the shitty or great or cool or awesome or bogus or depraved or gentle things from the previous year just disappear, hell no. But I guess it is sorta like nutra-sweet and Jesus, it gives people a sense of progress and a clean slate, something to look forward to and believe in even though it is not real or important.

What is up with the Rial Blog Corporate folly's improve team? Well, we don't have a camera that works, so expect more texts!!! (I know there was a fist pump and a hissed "yesss!" I know.) and we are going to change the look here. Maybe fix the dumb logo thing up top so it doesn't say Rial twice, and loose that font, maybe add some color, I was thinking a glass tile mosaic? too much, how about a pastel blue?....we will work it out, any way, we are back, we had a great time in Uzbekistan shaving alpaca's and smoking opium (neither are from Uzbekistan, buy an almanac) and now we are ready to regale you with tails of fun in the sun and...uhhh other stuff.

Like sands in the hour glass....

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