Monday, December 21, 2009

They Found it!

So...did you hear in the paper or whatever form of celebrity death driven breaking news that they found a hut that dates back to about 2010 years ago in Nazareth...they also found a box with some poetry with some of the titles being: Who is my real dad? Your not my real dad, Joseph better clean up his own damn mess or I am going to get some lighting shot at that jerk, why does everything I touch turn to flowers? Pretty odd...but anyway, LONG weekend, and plenty of stuff to write about and pictures and smiles, and candy canes and yeah, but not today, tomorrow, I just wrote this to make this the most productive blogging month The Rial's Blog Street Pharmacy has ever had (except fort March, but we are coming for you, you Pisces/Aries infested lunar cycle, you)

Real Quick, a list of "guys"

The Abbreviate Guy.
This lazy sack of crap has either never learned what the true root word is or just thinks its cool, which it isn't, to abbreviate things. these dudes are usually long winded so I don't think it is to save energy time.
San Fran
Coyotes (pronounced KI-Yot-s)

These nomenclatures are normally fine, but in my experiences, the Abbv. Guy doesn't ever not abbreviate them. I have stricken conversations and PURPOSELY said
"I wonder what the attendance issues would be like if the Coyotes franchise moved to San Fransisco, California has a sizable snow bird/immigrant population, it may work or it may be better in Cincinnati"

and gotten replies of

"San Fran in no good for the Ki-Yot-S Cali isn't a hockey state,. it would be better in Cincy"

And again and again, I would over enunciate the elongated proper name, still they stick to there guns.

Eff that guy.

Its Been A Slice.

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