Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The flames of one thousand fires

So the Rial Blog Organic Fecal Factory has been bumming hard on the lack of a winter experienced in the Valley (actually a basin) of the sun. Its not that alot of true and honest winters occur here (this is what I am told by people that like to talk about places that they aren't currently living in) but shit man...I don't think I saw my breathe once, was never like "purr, its cold, perhaps a light coat or a hooded sweatshirt isn't enough for this, the gods must hate us" it was a very mild winter. But...the last two winters or so, The Rial Blog Steak Knife Sharpening Tandem had spent at least two or so weekends of the winter season in the frozen high desert that is named maybe that created the illusion of cold. Who knows...but we are not hyped on the impending endless heat.

Quick side note, I personally love the heat, but I love the heat in a 5-7 month way, not a 6-9 month kinda way, if your following me.

Buuut...speaking of heading north, we will be bringing the kid up to flagstaff for some aunt/gma birthday action on Saturday, so maybe we will send the cold out with a bang, and by bang we mean venereal disease.

Well...the camera is still broke and we are borrowing one that we do not know how to upload, so one of these days we will have 360871288634 pics to share with you, our huddle masses. Hmmm....yeah...that is all....

Shitty Post...Out!

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