Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get out of my dreams...and into the kitchen and make some food

Well not having a working camera is really harshing the mellow of the Hot Chicks of Russian Curling Calender Photo Shoot rejects known as the Rial Blog, so we haven't really been up keeping this chronicle of our exciting and drug fueled lives. Sure, we can come on here and ramble about how our neighborhood gentrification is derailing and we are probably stuck in the ghetto that we thought was moving up in the socio-economic ladder or give a play by play analysis of the Rockey movies entry we wrote about the Rockey Movies, but that really all seems boring to write, and even more boring to read. (I know, this blog has some of the most side splitting, cunning, almost transcendentalist like literature available on the Internet, so I agree, we shouldn't sully this reputation with a post that actually has a theme and topic.)

So, what is up with us as of late? Well, we left you with the tale of how Corey gained the hunger for human flesh and every full moon he would morph into a carnivorous wolf and terrorize the streets...well he took some medicine, apparently it was just syphilis, so that is better. Penelope came down with some serious case of...I don't, but she need cotton candy flavored penicillin, and that was fun. It really was fun, not in the sarcastic, "I had my leg amputated and now I have to run a marathon to save my family's fisheries in the Bay of Bengal or all is lost, so that is fun" kinda way, it was actually fun giving her the candy medicine. She loved, not at first, but she grew to become dependent on it and we had to ween her off it with Cabbage flavored methadone, so she is doing good now.

Penelope has also sprouted another tooth, making the total count 3. Same as hobos and Circle K late shift employees. So she has that going for her. She will also be turning 1 come March 4, we are having immediate family over, which means a head count of around that of small herds of cattle, so we have been battling the weather to try and clean up the weeds and random stuff that have become staples in our yard. Oh, we also removed a massive tree, because well, we hate shade, and planted two lysoloma, a drought tolerant fast growing desert tree. This wasn't fun.

So, catch you l8ter.

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