Friday, April 9, 2010

Thru the wind

I believe that the disdain the Rial Blog Bolly-wood dance team has for vampires has been greatly expressed over the tomes of Internet word processing, but let me reiterate. Vampires are sooo gay. They are like Gothic music and eyeliner on dudes. Totally femme and not scary. Nothing against femme or goths or whatever, but when it comes to evil and scary, vampires are totally blowing it. I mean shit. Count Orlack, the zombie vampire from Nosferatu, that dude brought disease and pestilence AND sucked blood and killed shit, he didn't fall in love, he destroyed, as an evil undead blood thirsty monster should. White trash dudes who talk at me about true Blood really need to check it at the door. I don't care, I don't want to know about Anna PAQWEEN or however that is spelt, I don't give a shit about convoluted plot lines stolen from the Highlander series. Just knock it off, what ever happened to dudes talking about female anatomy and prize fighting? Not soap operas with vampires. Shit!

So Penelope. She is on the verge on making sense, she has like 6 new words and even trys to string them into sentences, plus she is vocal about what she thinks is hot and what she thinks is not. For the record vagazzaling - not hot. Sleeveless shirts and yard work - hot.
She also has the teeth placement of sloth from the movie Goonies, which is funny.

We got a new camera, Canon replaced our very stolen and used g9 with a very nice refurbished g10, so get ready for some shots of the garden coming up, because I know you are all dying to look at plants. Right, i know I am, actually if you break down my day -20%looking for my shoes/wallet 10% eating/coffee 10%driving 5% sleeping 55% looking at pictures of plants on the Internet. So take that and run with it.

--Happy trails

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