Thursday, May 20, 2010


It has been a while (rial) and really because i don't know what to talk about. Maybe an expose on Penelope...yeah, that sounds like a good idea. But today, no luck on that. Lets talk about other things schedule..that sounds fun right. Well my music interests and musical homies have some shows coming up that maybe some of you would like to attend.

May 24th - The Trunkspace (15ave and grand and Roosevelt) Dead River Review (Ben and Joey)
May 25th - Some Warehouse CAGEMATCH (corey rial esquire)
May 30th - The Rouge (Scottsdale and Roosevelt-ish) Said Gun (Corey P. Rial the 5th, Ben, Joey, Rynn)
June 8th - The Rouge (Scottsdale and Roosevelt-ish) Said gun & CAGEMATCH (a celebration of all things Corey)

And May 27th is the anniversary of the Corey and Sarah Rials of Phoenix Arizona, so that is going to be cool, you cannot attend this event, it is invite only and we only sent out to invites and got one response ( Corey was checking his calendar to see if he was free)

What else...Bobby Big Guns Easy Mac Ill BLZ Green may be returning from Chicago tomorrow from what was billed as a quest to find the Lost Dutchman's Mine (I think he failed) and he may or may not meet up with some members of this dynamic writing team known as the Rial Blog Gun Club at a separate but equal birthday party in the town previously known as Hayden's Ferry. So again, there's that.

And while we are at it, how about a docket for up coming blog posts just so we have goals we can not meet:
Expose on the Rise and Fall of Penelope Amelia Francis Rial
Pictures of the raddest sunflowers ever to grow in a 3 feet by 1.5 feet planter section
a piece about stuff i hate at work, specifically Arabic women and stereotypes (sounds Fun huh!)
Some free flowing rants about Arizona politics that skirt the issue but do reference nudity

Well, that is it, get ready, and by ready I mean get ready to get bummed. Sorry for the weak post, but really, feel sorry that you read this, that is not my fault, it is yours.

--til the sunsets


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