Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Half Shark Alligator Half Man

All eyes have been on this fine and glorious state of Arizona ever since some important new bill was passed. I know the pundits have been making fun of us, calling us names, pointing out the flaws and and the extreme measures our state legislature and Governor have signed off on. Hell even boycotts have been thrown about, and man, it makes for some good reading/tv watching, let me tell you. But brothers and sisters, cats and dogs, everyone has an opinion on this, it is polarizing, it turns foes into friends and loved ones into enemies, its really a divide and shift and is creating a politically charged environment.

The brain trust at the Rial Blog Big and Tall Shorts and Beach Wear Franchise have mixed emotions about this bill, and we shall explain. So strap your self in (on) and get ready for some hard hitting political real talk.

The Arizona state Senate on Thursday passed a bill making it illegal for a person to “intentionally or knowingly creating a human-animal hybrid.”


  1. Is Arizona's new law racist? Not if you're the right race

  2. This is quite possibly the greatest blog post I have ever read.

  3. I am glad the Asian commenter showed up.

  4. not only showed up, but made the most valid point. I completely agree!

  5. huh.

  6. the Asian commenter really left me hanging thou with:

    I mean come on dude, drop the hammer, don't let us hang