Thursday, June 17, 2010


So...I am hearing rumors of certain people living int he state of Colorado who recently had a kid (which I will see in person eventually, maybe early fall?) thinking about starting a blog. Well, let me push you over the edge on why you should.

1. Well..what would I write about?
---What not to write about, look, us here at the Rial Clown Make Up and Water Squirting Flower Lapel Pin Testing Facility write about some of the most hard hitting, mind blowing, fever inducing, chain breaking, high fiving, adjective using pieces of horrible grammar and run on sentences ever known to man. And guess what...its all train of thought.

Wait wait wait...that is right, absolutely non of this is premeditated. Hard to swallow I know, but we make this up as we go. We just sit (stand) down in front of our Mac (HP Compaq) and let the energy transfer from out fingers onto the paper (screen) *Full disclosure, 98% of the time this is written in between lifting heavy boxes in the middle of a eastern euro sausage smelling warehouse.

2. Who will read it or care?
--Who won't read it and care, look, people that work in offices will read anything, I ran a recent study and by ran I mean I just made this up, but 3400% of office time is spent reading blogs. Throw your hat in the ring.

3. I don't think I will be able to post very regularly, and have enough o say that will interest people?
--post pictures. Or post videos of cats.

4. Well, if I do this, will I be exposing myself to the Internet world?
--No, everything we say on here is a lie. Even that.

So, hopefully that helps you decide.

Now. Oil spills. That stuff SUCKS. Enough said. Well maybe we can say more. Don't buy ARCO, its BP, BP sucks. I don't care if they are spending billions to help birds, they are a crummy company that can't cap a well. I also don't care what Sarah Palin says. The only person to blame is the mother effers who can't stop oil from destroying our oceans and beaches, which is why we push them farther and farther away, if this was closer to the shore, well, then it would just get on shore quicker. look, oil is totally last year, lets move on.

Soccer. Don't like watching it, its kinda boring. We respect the athleticism, and the competition, and are fully behind country vs country sportsmanship...and gambling. Go GHANA!

So we started the month out strong, sorta blew our load, this post is less then par, but get ready...we are brain storming ways to make this even more pointless and random.

Vaya con dios

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