Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scream for me Phoenix

We rarly discuss the recreation activity's the Rial Blog Corporate Retreat Team Leaders partake in, you know, Sarahs cakes, Coreys manifestos, Sarahs collection of Asian stereotype jokes, Coreys bands. So lets rap about the bands. Last night was a record release for a compilation not one but two of my excellent/yet not for everyone rock bands is on. Both bands played, back to back, and holy hell...I am spent.

One thing about going to a rock concert, you are there to be entertained, your there to relax and enjoy music/drinks/pool/the company of other people that go to small bars on Tuesdays. It is a little different when you are the entertainment. And in the style of music I play, I am really only "entertaining" for 25 minutes tops. Last night it was like 45 minutes, but yeah, its odd. Playing two sets back to back under the bright lights in a warm Arizona summer sucks. I am covered in set, tired, salt in my eyes, voice blown out, small cuts all over my hand, plus I have to help load heavy gear into a car not designed to carry that stuff. Now look, I am not complaining, i am just explaining how, really, sans the 25 minutes I am on stage, i am there to do the same thing as everyone else there is to do, only with a completely sweat soaked shirt and a sore body. Its weird.

So any way, if your into the antiquated form of musical delivery called vinyl and want to buy a really cool record featuring two Corey bands and 11 other not Corey bands, check out and tell em big baby sent ya.

Not getting my desired point across and sounding like a pretentious prick blog...OUT!

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