Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hey whats the deal?

So...its 2011 huh. How did that happen? Apparently a lot has happened since we last spoke, and by apparently I mean, we think these things happened because a TV show told us they did. But really, FOX news, I mean, they got FOX in the name. They have movie studio magic behind them. can't trust a southerner, MSNBC...never trust too many acronyms. Until a Libyan, if that is even a a country, I have never been there, never even met anyone claiming to be from there, tells me with signed and noted documents, that his/her country is in the throws of a civil war, I am going to be a skeptic. Its 2011 people, we got to draw a line in the sand.

What I do know as I lived it, breathed it, bathed in it, washed, folded, and carefully put away was Christmas, birthday week, and incredibly mediocre stories of fun. (oh, you all probably didn't get that telegraph, which is another thing 2011 is all about, antiquated technology, but 2011 is all about fun. Wild concept right!)

We are going to dust off this old time machine and blow your mind with what we have been up to. And trust me. Its going to be fun. (actually don't trust me, read the first paragraph. All of this could be lies. Photoshoped fairy tales.)

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