Monday, December 29, 2008

Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others.

How much can you take? Of anything, how much can you cram into your life? When is there too much to do, too much on your plate, when is the reservoir full? Sarah and I went to an Arizona Cardinals football game yesterday, drove 50 miles round trip, spent $14 on soda popcorn and the worse nachos ever, hiked the highest peaks of University of Phoenix stadium, Sarah on an oxygen tank to stabilize her breathing, and left after watching about 30 minutes of real time football. We sat down, adjusted our snacks, took off our layers of clothing, did a panoramic high aperture mental picture of the cavernous arena, watched a touchdown, raised eyebrows to the "fans" and their hottin' and hollerin' and went home.

I list of things me and Sarah are currently into: sewing, bicycles, guitars, House M.D., basketball, specifically the Western Conference and the Phoenix Suns, painting with acrylic paint, cake making, whiskey, energy booze, reading our books on: baseball, The Presidency, Pirates, roller coasters, fairy tales simultaneously, architecture, baseball stadiums of the nation, feeling our baby move around in its aquatic sack of a world, and growing grass. Add working, playing in a band, visiting grandparents and we have sorta full plate, but I suppose it is defiantly full when it comes to football and Glendale.

If you think about,the two professional Football and Hockey teams play in Glendale, the wife and I can care 1/3000th of a crap about either of these sports, and we have an open and deep hatred for the world of the avenues, especially west of the i-17. the Westgate area, is actually our 4 layer of hell, the reason we cared not for the exciting western conference title winners or whatever the cardinals are, and one of the newest and advanced arenas in the world, is because we had entered some sort of zombie like status were we where void of any kind of emotion or senses. Or it was a long weak and really not a good capstone. Who knows/cares.

So this post is pretty random and directionless, so let me leave you with the plans for our quest bedroom. In order for us to save some money, pay down debt and me to get Internet phone, we are canceling the cable and upping the netflix/reading. So we have begun setting up an arts and crafts room in one of our spare bedrooms, we have a table for Sarah's sewing machine, an easel, and a noose for me to hang out on, it is going to be great. Sarahs belly has begun to do weird things like in alien right before the creature burst out that dude, so if we aren't heard from in a couple days, send a re-con team to our house, but don't send the android Bishop, he always gets killed and that white stuff they use inside him is really gross looking, and I have a new rug so yeah, that would be great...

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