Friday, December 26, 2008

The Saga Begins aka It is all down hill from here.

So...cute, tear jerking tales of pregnancy struggles, merry yarns of birth, elegant regaling of child stories that only a grandmother really cares about...correct. If you are reading this who have begun the chronicle of a very boring (save to perhaps a mid-wife or a sensitive relative) a pregnancy, a birth, and all the comical hijinks that will occur.

The Corey Patrick Rials currently consist of one before mention Corey: A dashing and stylish fellow in his mid 20's mainly working for the weekend, and his beautiful wife Sarah Janice: also in mid 20's and playing for keeps...oh and who is currently incredible uncomfortable and with a swollen belly she has been claiming is our first child. The sex has not been determined and we are planning on finding about about 2-7 years after the birth, we have names, no one likes them, we aren't even sure if we like them and will probably call the little one Dinosaur for lack of better nomenclature.

So, there it is, the writing will get worse, the pictures will get blurry-er. the post will become increasingly less frequent, and we will eventually sell the rights to this episode to Fox for a pilot that will never see the light of day. I think they should have Jon Hamm play the older me and for the younger me they can cast one of the Savage brothers, for Sarah they can fix Anne Hathaways horse mouth and nose and she could play her. But I digress....til the next episode.

Happy Holidays From C.Patrick and SJ Rial

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  1. since we are now followers of this blog, we hope to see many updates.