Monday, December 29, 2008

Tough as leather

So a great grandma is pretty impressive right? Think about they went thru there life lets say 20 years before they had their own kid, think about your first 20 years of existence, alot went on right, then they watch their own child grow up. The fights, the good times the Christmas's, again think about your first 20 years with your mom, alot went on right? Then lets say around 30 the kids have kids, and the cycle continues, think about your first 20 years with your grandparent, according to this analogies this said grandparent has gone thru his/her own adolescence, then raised a kid, then watch a grand kid arrive. Add another 25 years and another kid comes, that is three births, like 50 years of child/grandchild growing up, an then another dang kid., that is pretty amazing, that is alot of wealth in knowledge and experience, its kinda crazy.

My own grandmas, 91 and 75 respectively, will be great greats for the first time. My grandma Teresa wants to be called GG and my grandma Josephine wants to be called...well all she is really concerned about is Sarah wearing a lead apron around computers. Sarah's Gma, 81 will be a great great for the 67th or the 68th time, not sure, but she is equally pumped.

I think about my 26 years and all the stuff that went on and I am kinda intimidated by this great great parents, they are kinda like the shogun or Daimyo to my Bushido warrior, and speaking of martial arts, I got hit by a car yesterday. I was minding my own business walking thru a gas station parking lot, when out of the steam and smoke erupted a fiery Chrysler 300M hell bent on my demise. Acting quick, I did a little hop and 90 degree turn to protect my knees, I crashed on the hood full force and was forced into a little roll onto the windshield, I grasp at something to keep me on the hood, like some bad ass in a Saturday morning movie, but I only grabbed the windshield wiper. I was spun off the drivers side of the car only to land in a crouching position with a wind shield wiper in my hand like some Shaolin Monk after a bad ass wind mill kick.

The dude screeched to a halt and ran over to the demonic lumberjack holding his wiper blade crouched in a mantis style attack mode. I stood up and yelled profanity's at him, go his insurance, had him fill up my gas tank in my car and went my separate way. My calf is pretty sore, but I am fine. I guess I could have tried and put my kid thru college thru this adventure, but i figured the 30k millionaire would just file an insurance claim and we would all pay for it eventually thru insurance premiums.

Sarah was upset, as she should be, and I totally got out of having to give a massage because I had been hit by a car earlier in the day. Sarah has been battling a the start of a cold for the better part the past three days and is especially sore. She has been spending time with her grandma and has cute stories I implore her to share here, but apparently I am the better writer (she obviously hasn't read this blog). Her grandma wants us to name the kid either Britney or Kevin, I blame it on ET being on after Jeopardy, Sarah claims it is because she likes those names, the jury is out until my private investigator returns with the results.

So long for now...

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