Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dom this ones for you

It has been brewing, stewing and pollutin'. I have been "busy" soaking in a whole mess of things that annoy me, and that seems to be all I write about, so with out further ado, on to the show.

The baby is coo-ing, if that is how who spell that, and she pushed herself up with the herculean strength of a pre-modern technology body builder yesterday and held it for minutes, crawling soon, prolly, she does use her head as a pivot point to wiggle herself in to uncomfortable positions, so I am assuming crawling into the pile of glass and staples we have in the living room is the next logical step. Needless to say (actually not really needless....I have just decided i hate that phrase, last time you will hear it here) She also is showing signs of having red hair, which will effectively end all attraction to red haired girls, but I am excited, as is the wife...and speaking of the wife.....

Sarah is back to work and while not hating work, missing the baby, and bummed she is not with said baby. We take the child to her grandmothers to be watch, who is stepping up to the plate to be our designated hitter for the time being (that is also the last baseball reference...I will soon eliminate the use of vowels and then light myself on fire, stay tuned). Speaking of Grandma Platt...

The baby is headed to a bible study today, not for her but for the g-ma, which will be the 2nd church experience in 3 days for Penelope. My god daughter sold her soul ---errr---got confirmed into the catholic faith sunday and as a prudent and devoted godfather I had some one killed in her honor, oh and went for the icecream reception. As a person who doesn't believe in a higher power other than APS, its wierd bringing the babe to these functions, at thats all they are, functions for people who have similar viewpoints on how contraception should be encouraged and administered hang out. I am not so hot on religion as a dogma, but hell everyone is looking for some truth and answers, religious folk have found theres, no fault in that. Its just the baby is already speaking tongues, I don't want any miracles randomly occurring. And speaking of miracles...

Well this has nothing to do with miracles, buuuut, last night i went and saw Joe lally, the bass player for one of the greatest things to happen to drums, two guitars and bass plus vocals (FUGAZI) and it was kinda weird. He played free form Jazz melodies with a guitarist who is best described as not that good, and then he went into the crowd (there was 15 of us) and meditated while the band played some world music (not tight, if I wanted to see sting I would have....ugghhh...think of something clevor involving sting) Me and rick were there, dude was smaller than rick (that means skinny and short) it was a fun night though. And speaking of fun

I have had several discussions with this dude I begrudgingly call a coworker, and the two topics that really trigger my anger were "Kid Rock is better than prince" and "Nicolas Cage is a good actor."
To wrap this all up as I have lost interest: NOTHING is better than prince...I am serious, and Nick Cage is the worst movie maker since...think of a bad movie and or actor and then visualize something worse...that is how bad Nick Cage and his craptasic movies are.

til the sun meets the ocean,


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