Monday, May 25, 2009

Consider someone else...

So....been busy rocking the roll as of late. The band (said gun) went down to occupied territory (Tucson) and played to some touring bands and hells angels. It was a decent performance for the said gun transcendentalist comedic support squad, but the touring bands were pretty sweet. I had never actually been to Tucson and the place seems pretty decent, like a smaller, less urban sprawled Phoenix with a better University. Actually it felt like old town Scottsdale with out the D-Baggery. But any and Sarah and some friends went and saw the Canadian vegetarian recruitment team known as Propagandhi Sunday night, and of course it was rad, and yes me and the wife are way into being vegetarian more than when we showed up. If you have the means of seeing these dudes this year at soem time, DO IT!

Well...whatelse? I went to two 30 birthday galas this week. This either means I am getting old, or I need to make new friends that are closer to 18 than to 40. UHMMM...the baby cools, so is Sarah, the long weekend has given us all a chance to get to know each other. For example, Sarah feels all brown skinned people should be counted as 1/5th a human and the baby prefers straight chocolate over neopalontin ice cream. (made all that up, except the parts about ice cream and brown skinned folk.)

So Uhmmm. How about some pics
(editors note: If you live in Portland and 4.5 minutes from a river that shoots fireworks out of boats, then you can eat a dick. That isn't cool and I am not jealous)

she was hanging from her suspension boots doing inverted sit ups.

Notice the gray on this bloated dude behind 2 days growth of mustache...get a clue old timer.

seconds after this photo was taken she was ejected from this ejector seat into space to fix the hubble telescope.

This is what I wake up to...that and a sense of failure and the smell of last nights booze/smokes.

Peace I am out....jetting like a run away slave.


  1. hey! being closer to 40 than to 18 is way cooler.

  2. yo, move here it is a beautiful place to live. your kid is good lookin, i miss yall. bumbo chairs are funny.