Monday, August 10, 2009

A Crappy Post

Chompies is dead to the "The Rials" blog brain trust. Ever since the move to PV Mall it has been one culinary disappointment after another, and for $30 last Saturday for essentially a bagel (the only thing enjoyable) its over. I (Corey, if you haven't figured out that I am the voice of this here blog, you know) have been choking down the chalky fiber laxative called Metamucil. Not because I am irregular, oh no, not me ladies, I am regular as a headache after gin, I am taking it for the fiber. Apparently, and this is according to a non medical professional, Sayllium fiber is a great fighter of cholesterol, and that is the main ingredient in Metamucil. As far as my BM's after the regular intake of the 'Mus, well that isn't your business, but what is your business is the conversation I overheard at the last time I will ever go to Chompies.

So me and the Family were sitting in a booth, and behind us was a pair of 40 something ladies. We were done "eating" the craptastic meal they brought us and were waiting for the bill, so you know, we were all lethargic and silent, just soaking in the atmosphere and making fun of the random people. Behind us, the 40 something ladies were conversing about something when by the 4th mention of diarrhea our interest was peaked.

So from what I could gather from this convo' was that
A) there is a kid that has really bad handwriting.
B) One of the ladies for some reason or the other has to read this handwriting
C) the ladie that has to read the handwriting gets anxiety from reading the poor penmanship
D) the lady that gets anxiety from reading the poor script gets diarrhea with see gets anxiety.

So, to bring this all home, this lady gets diarrhea every time she reads this poor handwriting. I do not know if this is medically possible, or what, but I really really want to let the kid who has the poor handwriting the power he has. I mean damn! he has diarrhea inducing handwriting, what the eff! Right? This is amazing, this kid, and I am hoping this lady is a teacher and he is a student, could cut class short with the stroke of his pen, he could write this lady letters and torment her life. This is amazing to me, and not because it is totally ridiculous, but because it is totally ridiculous, beyond belief AND involves poop. WOW.

See you in the want ads.

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  1. Once, when I was in California for a show I overheard on the foot steps of our hotel a guy hitting on some German girls, saying that what their grandparents did was unacceptable, to which they replied “we didn’t do anything” which the guys said they should not feel bad because they were not part of it, but “you know, it happened and your family was a part of it” (I swear he was trying to pick up on them). WTF? Why would you hit on some girls where your only pick up lines involve Nazis? He then told them if they go to some club, he would get them in for free…