Monday, August 10, 2009

Fan the flames of interest

It has been a while since my words have blazed from this screen onto the retinas of your innocent eyes. How are you doing? Whats that? Oh, I can't hear you because this is just a collection of words in arial font...I see, maybe you should start a blog. That is what I have been up to lately, reading other peoples blogs...and playing dice games. If you scroll down about half way down this page and look to the right, there is a list of blogs we officially endorse, there is the works our awesome and 6 foot plus friend loren and his zany antics in Portland Oregon (by zany I mean off the hook and by off the hook I mean he has pics of a bug) there is the blog of our friends shane and Julie, known as Shulie, and there chronicle of living semi simultaneous lives as us (by semi I mean they don't have a kid and one of them has like a real and professional job, but they did also just buy a house) there is the story of Nick and Jenni children, Bens random string of curse words he uses to form sentences, our good buddies in California and there over stylized dispatches about there daughter Carmen and a blog I generally rip off called the Bad Sandwich Chronicles. So yeah, alot of good stuff, read away!

So we last left you with Penelope eating rice cereal, she still does that, she likes it and is better at eating but the smallest distraction steals her attention, much like me when I am nothing like that, I am focused like a serial killer in a women's gym. Penelope has been rolling and getting up on all fours, I believe flight may be the next step, if I read my how to raise pigeons book correctly.

The before mentioned buddies from California via PHX via Las Vegas where in town functioning at about 65%, but we will go in to details about that tomorrow (quick summery: we played dice games and took a couple pics)

The Yo, commonly referred to as Bobby Big Guns easy mac ill BLZ Green had his birthday Friday at Four Peaks in Tempe (of course) it was fun, again dice games ruled the night. I started making concrete plans about where to stay in Las Vegas come the end of, this was a very boring entry huh?......well, write your own blog then!

We are going to try to do one of these everyday this week, so get stoked.

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