Thursday, November 19, 2009

It has been a rial

That is the URL address in the like that, full circle. Any way, are you readers of borderline interesting blogs doing?.....well, I can't hear your reply so i am going to assume miserable. The type of miserable sunny 75 degree days can bring, the kind of miserable low of 50 and clear star filled nights can bring, the kind of miserable good gas mileage brings. i know I know, we all pine for the days of summer spent thanking the all mighty gods of wind and sand for the microwaved potting soil-esque conditions of May-Sept, but this miserable extended fall will end soon enough, to not worry. Just stay inside and shut the blinds.

Penelope has taken steps, independent of any type of support (not counting emotional support, but she doesn't get that either, we are trying to crush any hope or self esteem she has so we can fuse adamantium to her bones and unleash her into the Canadian wilds) She even has this walker thing, like the kind old people and crazy obese people use, but it sings jazz standards and has wheels, and she tears ass all over the place in it. She even paces up and down the side walk, cussing at young kids for being too noisy and for cars driving to fast. it is cute, cuz she is like 8 inches tall and the fact that she can do this defies all odds.

But she is growing into a very cute little person, hair coming in, pants being worn, phrases crudely repeated, its pretty effing rad.

We at the Rial Blog Corporate Headquarters and Brain Trust Frozen Depositary are having an annual party/pyramid scheme seminar Saturday that will involve eating textured soy protein and drinking fermented wheat. I am excited, I would be "need to change my pants" excited if a representative from the Clan Candela could make it, but I understand that there can be only one and the constant pursuit of other sword wielding immortals is a full time job. But it would still be cool. My sister is heading down from the great white north to hang, she is very pumped, as am I. We like each other more when we see each other on every solstice, but I am more excited for her to she Penelope, as she has progressed into a stealth fighting machine, and my sister really needs to practice against a worthy opponent. Also attending is...well who cares, it should be fun, and maybe I will post a blog about it with pictures and haiku's!

That is all for now, I promise on the United States Constitution that more of this insight will come flowing out of the Internet much like the Colorado river once it makes to Mexico...errr. like a stream...eff it. I will write more.

Good Night Now

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