Thursday, November 19, 2009

Like that Proclaimers song

You know something about walking 804 kilometer or something , but this is considerably shorter.

Let me preface this a bit.

Penelope, disputatiously (spell check may be pulling my leg), has very poor taste in music, and really can you fault her, she was raised by migrant farmers for the first 6 months of her life, you know with the recession and all, you can get what you can take. But I digress, her taste in music is the topic at hand, and oh brother is it bad. War's Lowrider really gets her bouncing in her one pieces, and while that isn't all that bad, it gets worse, that song is the best in her playlist. What really gets her amped is Solange Knowles (Beyonce's little sister) Children's album. Man does this thing suck, but the baby can't get enough.

So, as part of our training for her to be oblivious to counter terrorism interrogation techniques, we push the demo on her Solange Cd and then place the item well out of reach. Well, this time, the baby had had (is this proper grammar? Where is my copy of wordperfect 1997....) enough, she rose to her feet in defiance, mouth grinning as wide as it can get, and she walked over to the book case to retrieve her favorite CD/chew toy. Well, of course she failed, it was 6 steps then the floor, but that is pretty crazy right? I mean not in the Pontiac Silver Dome being sold for 500k crazy, but to this small and humble Quaker family it was pretty heavy.

So lets look at some pics.



  1. whoa, she looks awesome, is her hair blondish?

    also are you gonna make it to tucson for tylers grad?

  2. Here hair looks blondish sometimes, red others, but it is a little darker looking most the time

    And yes, we are going to come down for the day, have family stuff that night, when do you come in?...Maybe this isn't the forum for this...