Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dos mil y nueve parte dos

Welcome back to our review of the year that was (and according to our fake christian calendars, this year will be ending soon, but the Rial blog Human Waste Recycling Clinic use a far advanced set of random dates and numbers to measure the turn of the earth and its circles around the sun, so advanced we can't even share it with, its like a hipster calendar)

Well...it has come to my attention, that apparently my switch from whiskey cola to straight whiskey wasn't in fact THAT huge in 2009. Neither was 140k in debt, or playing in a mildly successful band on a mildly local level in a mildly apathetic town. And apparently a couple CD's that I really liked wasn't that great either. Well...people that apparently know my life so well (and if your reading this, you probably should, unless your here for the label tags, which is the reason I am here) what was sooo HUGE this year for us at The Rial Blog Machine Gun firing Range? Huh? What?

Oh...what is that? THE BABY!!!! Oh shit! your right, that was pretty momentous. Hmm..well, I can't believe that slipped my mind, you know I got alot going on, like basketball games on TV, contemplating types of whiskey I could be drinking with out cola, trying to clean my newly purchased house, pretending to get my act together, you know, some full slate kinda stuff. I can't believe I forgot the baby.

Well. How huge was this baby (emotional/financially, not actually big). I would say, and no offense to anyone else with the sir-name Rial, but this is probably the raddess Rial born in 2009. I said it, so singer-song writer Robert Rial from Seattle, if you had a kid this year, bring it, lets test your mettle, and Marta Rial who lives in VilagarcĂ­a, Galicia, Spain, if you got any grandkids or something and you think you can test this, well, fly me out and I will reimburse you if your seed can hold a candle to mine.

Penelope Amelia Frances Rial has been one of the most pleasant surprises, coolest additions, and of course most life altering events that has ever happened to me. (I hope all your panties and male panties are un bundled, did you think I wasn't going to talk about this, come on...you probably also forgot about Dre as well).

When she was born and all new born and stuff, that stuff was wild, it was really really weird, I didn't even know what to think, she was delicate and little and..well little. And I thought it was cool, but then she got older and holy cow, shit is amazing. Once she started getting a little personality and started doing things independently and started reacting and blah blah blah, it was really awesome and I am so glad I got to experience it. And have butt loads more to experience, and I am psyched
Lets take a little picture walk down the first 9 months of Penelope's life:
(if you have corny music, don't play it, actually question the reasons why you have said music)

She is like 5 minutes old or something here. This was crazy, it was hell on Sarah, it wasn't as scary or shocking as dudes with smaller male genitalia than mine have said. something like 36 hoursin labor, but prolly more. (there is no 36 chamber...right...huh...Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang!)

Hospital in the first week of being born part two, she spent 60 hours or something a couple days after she was born in Phoenix Children s Hospital for some dehydration that was fixed a couple hours after we were checked in, this sucked, but it was better to be safe than sorry. She also got a spinal tap, which is pretty gnarly.

We have already shown this one before, but this is some classic Penny.

Back when wearing bonnets was cool, and hanging out in swings and sleeping like all day, she is sooo over that now, she plays pinball and smokes...wait that is me.

this is when she finally realized...holy crap, that is what you look like dad, I hope I take after mom (sappy and corny, I know, but really she said that:reference the increased whiskey intake)

Out on the down

eating for the first time

Army crawl action

Only thing that can get me to stand is my own reflection


"I can't take 12 steps homey, what you know about that?"

Last Week (she dress like that, I told her we are southwest, not southeast, she then told me to shut up and go crack corn, i have no idea what that ment.)

So yeah, Penelope has opened a whole new world of touching feces on a daily basis and being semi ok with that, a world were eating off the floor isn't just for me anymore, a world were me and Sarah are totally and fully stoked on having this tiny little person in our lives.

Biggest thing of 2009, hands down

See you later dorks.

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