Friday, January 2, 2009

For times long gone (Auld Layne Sange)

So me and the Mrs have come up with a best of 2008 year end list, here it is:

Best New TV show (to us)

A)How I met your Mother. Hilarious, We discovered this gem of a Monday night show a season or two into it, and haven't been more thrilled. The premise is kinda stale now, because the storey of how this guy met the mother of his kids has been long winded and convoluted, but funny non the less. Allyson Hanigan is making up for all those "movies" movies she has been crapping out. (see date movie and its ilk) and the dude from forgetting Sarah Marshall us the comedy anti with his willing ness to show full frontal, which in our book is the funniest thing you can possible do. And Doogie is pretty funny also.

B) Mad Men. The show is really about nothing, but not in a Seinfeld way, its between the lines. Plus the busty red head is captivating. And that one girls lame bangs hair cut. Gonna work OT just to be able to have cable when this thing comes back.

Best Party:

Thanksgiving. Sarah and I pride our selves in a kick ass and legendary (fake) turkey day. This year was the pin ultimate event, it may have something to do with the energy from a canceled wedding, or the 4 bottles of whisky, Hanna's friend juice, the Four Maxed, big red apologizing, Nick and Tyler's beef, or it could be the Rials know how to throw a party, either way, shit was tight.

Best News for 2009:

Speaking of Four Maxed, Miller and the other big beer names have decided to remove the caffeine from their energy drink hybrids (Sparks, Be, Tilt) while this sucks on the hand that these drinks rule, it is excellent that it will no longer be an available options being that I plan on not dying from a heart attack/diabetes/liver failure in 2009. But, on a side note, they just started selling Joose here in the PHX and for those who aren't in the know, that is 24 ounces of caffeine and 10% malt drinkage....

Best bands I don't really get:

Fucked Up and The Gaslight Anthem. While i understand that they are both decent bands, I don't really get the hype, they aren't earth shattering, good, but not cream you under droors and high five good. Speaking of Droors, remember that clothing company, I haven't thought of them in about 6 years.

Best Beer that I have always loved:

Miller Highlife. The champagne of beers was my go to beer in the early days of alcahol imbibing. I lost my ways with Blue Moons and Pabst, never fully realizing that not only is this beer delicious, its cheap and has more alcohol than the other cheaps, and is delicious and comes in 12 packs, 30 racks tall cans and 32. No excuse to not drink this stuff. MGD by the way is gross, and all it is is triple filter HighLife, don't mess with whats good Miller.

Best Vacation

The May trip out to Los Angeles with Rynn to go see buddies. It was very relaxing, even though I pro bally suffered blunt force trauma from some waves, I haven't spent that much time in the ocean since I was a wee little lad, the food was great, the African American diner, the organic breakfast place, the Taco bell, plus I saw Leatherface in Hollywood and completely changed how I feel about certain things. (ie: Leatherface is friggin awesome and that is that)

Best Youtube clip

Danzig/Shakira Mash up
Three words...the Wolf howling.

Best Surprise

The kid.

Best Friends

All our friends (corny, yes, but true, so eat a dick)

That is it. List are lame, and this is getting old to us, Happy New Year and hope to see all of you soon, and get ready because the arrival of our kid may or may not create a vortex entry into the pits of hell, it could happen.


  1. mad men is not a show about nothing. it's about the awesomeness of advertising. everyone in advertising has martini lunches, affairs in the city and secret alter egos. definitely worth the OT and i really wish it was on all year long.

    may was definitely a fun trip!

    you have now inspired me to create my own lists of bests.

  2. 1) Most Awesomest Party - Nick's Birthmas

    2) Best TV Show - Chuck (don't sleep kid)

    3) Largest Weight Gain - Nick or Sarah (tie, but unfortunately for Nick his weight won't splash out screaming)

    4) Biggest Letdown - Not getting to see the panther table

    5) Coolest thing - Podcasts (seriously, WTF?!?)