Monday, March 16, 2009

Mac in action

The dust has settled a little bit, and me and the wife have made an important decision. We are going to keep the baby, yuk yuk yuk. But in all sincerity, I don't really think babies are cute/interesting/fun/exciting, but I will make an exception with my little Penelope. I have thought babies were cute and fun in the past, for about 45 minutes, but this one keeps my attention for 22 hours, so at least she has that going for her. I am sure every parent feels glee and joy over the new baby's, I just didn't think I would. Well actually, I didn't think about it at all, I was mostly scared, but enough about that sappy stuff, on to the docket.

A. new Computer
B. St. Paddys Day
C. Me being pointlessly upset about stupid things.

So, my good friend Nick has been the biggest help, well maybe the 2nd next to Sarah's mom, during our 40 days in the Desert period (bible reference # 4 for those keeping track, I'm multi faceted fools) with his stand up and gracious coming to bat with the help on the electronics front. (dude, i am truly sorry we missed you, that day ended up being a huge quagmire, I was totally looking forward to you met ting P) Nick let us use his lap top and then his extra tower, and it was such a huge help and a very bromantic thing to do. That being said, I will now bash your gifts. Not that they sucked, I am defiantly better at Flash and Freehand, and I am positive I hate Fruity loops, but the damn computer did not recognize any of the two cameras I tried plugging into, I downloaded 36000 drivers that still didn't allow me to attach a picture in an email, and it actually wouldn't load Gmail. Add that to our lack of cable, and me and the wife decided enough is enough. So we present to you "veinticuatro" our new Imac. We will soon be flooding all of you with pictures, videos, Ichats, and all sorts of 22nd century tech. And we will be watching the shit out of Hulu.

next up...St. Patricks day. A co-worker whom I hate, was talking up St. Patrick's day drinking and green wearing, he then turns to me and says "hey, bro, your Irish, lets turn this place out" to which I responded, I am wearing black for the rest of the week (bad call, it is suppose to be in the 90's this week) and I will not accept you as an Irish men. Now, the rest of this applies not only to him, but my whole beef with St. Patrick's day. If you are from here unless you were born on the green isle, you are in fact an American. I don't care if your dad/great something/ Dog is an Irish breed, you are not Irish. Just because your parents gave you an Irish middle name and corn beef one day a year does not make you from a traditional Irish family. You know the difference between your favorite "Irish" pub and a chillis? the pointless crap dealer they buy their furnishings from.

Ok, so you want to celebrate your heritage, what about St. Patrick's Day celebrates Ireland? Do revelers go out and pray for their souls to be saved? Ir land is a deeply Catholic country that kills over religion. Do people donate money to impoverish west Ireland community's that actually don't even speak English? Ireland has some serious class gaps that have marginalized a whole generation of people. You know those "cool" gypsies that Brad Pitt handsomely romanticised in the movie Snatch, that shit is real, not cool, not romantic. None of this is done. People drink green beer and want to people to kiss them. Its mildly offensive. Its like if we made Kunta Kinta day, exploited sickle cell anemia and ran around in spears. And people who were defiantly not black participated in this. St. Pa tricks day is dumb, I really don't care about it, its just the dude at work set em off. Oh and by the way, Macky is a Scottish name you 32 year old entry level warehouse employee who lives with 3 room mates and drives a green Dodge Caravan. being pointlessly upset has started some where in the middle of the first sentence in the above paragraph, but let me expand. People want to claim to be Irish or New Yorker or Native American to full fill there own inadequates. They want a crux or an excuse to blame there own pitfalls. Same with family. So lets say your grandpa was from Ireland. So what, what does that have to do with you, a person generations removed and born in the USA. I like family, and apprecite all the aspects that come with a family, but they are not really THAT important. People like to trace their heritage...."my great aunt was a queen, my 34th cousin was a president". That only really matters for there own selfish excuses. people want some kind of moral boost knowing that while they may be a total loser working at a Circle K, some one down the gene pool actually did something REAL, thus assuring them that they are not in fact genetically retarded. it comforts people to know that some one some where with similar blood did something that didn't involve a microwave. I hold myself accountable for what my life becomes, my dad was a hard working engineer, i am a lazy part time student/laborer. I am proud of my dad and respect him, but I am not him, and I didn't get his "hard working" genes. Don't take this the wrong way, l love family, and family is great, but when people start to associate themselves with what family really is, people who are forced to know you, sometimes like you, and then after this sinks in people start treating their neighbors like family, then Mazda/Jesus/lemmy all grace us with their presence and we know we are all their children, then things like heritage and family become obsolete. I am from the Desert, my child has sand in her veins also. But I am alsoMexican, I am native, I am a vegetarian, I am a hunter, I am a Canadian, I am everything, we are everything, not Irish, not Americans, not men, not women. Humans. So act accordingly.

Any way, enough with the liberal hippy tangent. Picture Sometime this week, I promise.


  1. Instead of ichat, you should use skype, so we can video chat.. Plus, skype is just super dope. Plus, we are officially initiating "Hanging out via proxy" which includes: drinking games, jokes, good times, and whatever else can fit into the mix. Basically, we start a group video chat and it's like we're all there.. sweetness?