Sunday, March 29, 2009

Out all night and day

the baby is officially demanding. She just straight busts into a full blown, I know you hear me, cry when she is hungry, no cute build up, nothing, just the baby equivalent of a fat guy angry about 9 in stead of 10 nuggets in his McDonalds combo meal. But its cool. She is not interested in sleeping in her bassinet at all. Its our bed or the highway, which of course is no place for an infant baby to be sleeping.

Sarah and Penelope went to a baby shower for Faustine, her sister in law, and Sarahs sister Amys baby got jealous of Penelope when Amy picked her up. Then I heard the baby tried to make out with another baby, and that her parents didn't really love each other...wait that was a new episode of 90210....Penelope had alot of attention at the shower, it was her first public outing. She wore some fancy yellow dress. We have no documented evidence of this dress.

I am currently in the process of recording 6 songs for my band. We had a show last Friday, which went well, it was at a really cool art venue. We do vocals today and I think get the recordings in a week. So. Links, then PICTURES!!!!!!

Art One Gallery

A good dude

Rynns B-day cake and new nickname

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  1. Slightly late on my part but congratulations guys! I've been following the blog the whole time and you're a great writer, Corey. You guys have got a cute baby on your hands.