Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Crap! Theres a Horse in the Hospital.

120 hours. 5 days and some change. That is the amount of time Sarah, and I suppose by Proxy my baby, have spent in the hospital this week. Young Penelope, a mere 14 hours out of the hospital, had yet to pee or poo, so this raised some concern with the Mrs. and I. So we called the Dr who suggested we take the kid to the emergency room at Phoenix Children's Hospital. We arrive, they poke and prob, draw blood, draw spinal fluid, draw conclusions, draw pictures, Win, loose, Or Draw, ETC. We are shuttled up to our SHARED room, and shown how to enclose our selves for some privacy and discover that a small hard couch and a 5 by 6 room with medical equipment is all we have to live in for the next 48 hours while cultures grow to so any possible infection with Penelope.

Let me rehash, that was rushed and hastily written after 5 hours sleep. The baby, once checked into the hospital, was running a slight fever, per protocol, they had to test for an infection and hold the child for 48 hours. As of this writing, Sarah and Penelope are waiting out the final hours. The Dr's said she was slightly dehydrated, which is normal and the fever went down and she is passing stool, so everything is fine, we just have to wait for the cultures to come back negative before they can be released. It has been incredible hectic, hospitals are our new homes it feels like. So the room. We are in the smallest, window less section of a shared room, and the couple and baby in the other room are annoying. They are early 20's and there baby has some sickness that i hope and pray (if I believed in magic) my baby doesn't contract whatever J. Martinez has. But these parents, have successfully drank 90 gallons of coke, apparently have stock in Doritos because they plow thru those things like they are the life sustaining mana of the Exodus, and they watch the Disney channel. Now, Sarah is a fine of the Disney channel, but in the privacy of here own home, ne'er in public. I totally felt old when the dad walked passed our quarantined tent and saw I was watching MASH and a basketball game, and by old I mean I felt like he was an immature miscreant.

So, Sarah, has to spend here waking hours, which is every hour listening to the Martinez giggle and tickle each other, their baby cry while they page a nurse (tend to your child) the Disney channel and very heated games of Go Fish along with the wonderfull opera of beeping and alarms. I am positive being lite on fire has crossed her mind every 3-7 minutes. pics yet as we actually ha vent been home and Rick never gave me the right cable (failing so far as an uncle buddy.) I spent my birthday in hospital (my next Saturday birthday will be my 33rd, not cool, I will pro bally be into World of War craft or the 2015 equivalent by then and not party like its 2009) and me Sarah and the baby have yet to settle into actually having a baby at home.