Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting Nature-us


Sorry, that was my hype man, I brought him in to light this candle. Now that it is lit, lets get down on it.

Long time no I write/ you read folks, sorry....haven't actually done anything worth writing about, don't get me wrong, I have thought of some stuff I can write about for days, like the irony of pro-life nuts killing people or David Carradine's inability to tie slip nots that release when commanded, but that would be old hat covered by the liberal media. So I have waited and waited and decided I need to write something.

So...the baby.
She has greater control of her neck, crys when upset just for me and the wife to walk over then stops, she can hold things, she moves them in a jerky motion, but that is a huge feet considering a little over 3 months ago she lived in an aquatic environment and ate thru a chord attached to her stomach. Sarah is super bummed on her new work hours, so if any one would like to donate at least $14 an hour 40 hours a week to the cause, we would be pumped.

So lets see what else....
oh, I work in a industrial complex/highend retail/airport area of town and its pretty developed. I had to work last Saturday, which is a ghost town around these parts and as I drove in I saw a coyote in the streets, a family of Qaul hanging at my work, some feral cats and assorted other birds. This isn't the normal fare here in the air park, so these leads me to the kinda lame conclusion that wildlife in the desert southwest, have 9-5 monday thru friday off and only get to live on the weekends, like a reverse human schedule.

Do you like Hitler? I should hope not, but if you grew up with the History Channel than this link is for you

And lastly, next weekend the Platt family is going on a mega camping trip, should be fun, we are excited to take Penelope into the woods and try and talk some wolves into raising her, but you know how hard it is to adopt, unless your a weathered celebrity who was once hot, but not any more.


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  1. "...but that is a huge feet..." <--- I read this as, and she has huge feet... I got a little freaked out.

    Raised by Wolves? HAHAAA, that's hillarious!!