Tuesday, July 21, 2009

110 Degrees of Seperation

So, so much to say, so little time....lets look at pictures.

Lets start with a tour of our backyard.

The west garden with compost heap in the background

Looking west from patio towards power lines and people who live on hills

Patio and door to laundry room...why did I add this picture? I have no clue.

Entrence to masterbeed room from patio...with a little baby hanging out...this pictures are sucky you say...I agree...lets up the anti.

View from East patio

East patio with fire pit and access to "office"

Passage way from East Yard to West yard and shed w/AC

Looking into alley from yard

looking West Down Alley

Looking East up alley

Wow...this got very alley centric, lets look down the street and then one of Penelope, tomorrow, all P all the time.

See ya tomorrow....well...not really, unless your Sarah or one of my coworkers...but you get the drift.

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