Wednesday, July 1, 2009

get up, get up, get up so cash your checks and get up

Thats right, its the first of the month, July to be exact, if you follow the fraudulent Augustine calendar as most us westerners do. I have always liked the way July rolled of the tongue, but as a kid I like June better because you like had a whole 'nother month of summer vacation. I got the dog days of summer pretty bad, I liked school, but as you get older I suppose the days just roll past like a lizard loosing his skin. (I have reached my quota I made as part of a new years resolution years ago. At least 26 lizard analogies before I turn 30, beat the curve with some years to waste.)

So, and this is not directed towards anyone specific, it just some things trigger deep down ideas and thoughts I have. Some friends of mine renewed there faith in capitalism...errr....uggghhh...there marriage in Las Vegas over the weekend and from what I hear it was a gas, or some one had gas, not sure on the specifics, but it did involve gas, so there ya go. Any who, the term 'vegas has been thrown around alot, and again, not directed to the people that went to Las Vegas, this has been a passion peeve of mine since well...I started getting annoyed and angry by trivial things, so its cool dudes. The term Vegas. When did we become so lazy that we dropped the 3 letter prefecture? I know Las Vegas has some romantic aura around it...or is that just 2nd hand smoke, not sure, not important, the name of the city is LAS VEGAS.

There is a precedent here, its Los Angeles, which is shortened to LA. Never is it called Angeles. Never. So in this case, Las Vegas should either go by its full christian name or LV. I mean come on, we drop the easiest part of the whole phrase, Las....geez. Other examples...New Orleans, we don't call it Orleans, well because Orleans is a city in France, New York, yeah York is in the UK. What about other "Los" city's? Los Cruces new Mexico, nope it isn't called Cruces. I am sure the native residents of Las Vegas can't stand 'Vegas, as much as the people of the bay area can't stand, Frisco, which is another tangent in its self.

Calling Las Vegas is pro bally older than me, but its time to take it back, lets promote proper grammar or at least respect full names, or lets make it fair across the board.

"I have a friend who lives in Port' his brother lives in 'Rado, and his mom lives in "fornia. They are cool, they have lived in alot of Places, I think S' Lake City and north 'wood oh and 'icago and 'Rida also, so they are well traveled."

That sentenced sucked and makes me angry, if anything, you call a city by its nick name, for example: Seattle = The Emerald City, Paris = city of lights, Boston = bean town. That's an ok approach I guess, or you can use airport codes, for example: Portland = PDX, Phoenix = PHX, but that approach is kinda a stretch, especially for places like Denver which is DEN, but preferable, the full god given name.

Fourth-o-July BBQ at my house, who are welcome to come if you like eating grilled carrots and removing asbestos from 50 year old piping (lord knows that is my favorite) Penelope sleeps on her side and toss and turns, totally not a new born anymore. Cool/sad, but mostly cool.



  1. the las vegas tourism board does those commercials, "what happens in vegas staysin vegas" they have themselves to blame. I think that "Las Vegas" is much classier than "vegas" which is perfect because there isnt a thing classy about that shithole anymore, ya feel me? but i do love to go there.

  2. Well, I just don't know anymore. Before I went, I called it "Las Vegas". A few party bus rides later, it was just "Vegas." Vegas works, and it rolls off the tongue easily when you have been drinking. Dropping the "Las" is something that happens naturally when your drunk time, outweighs your non-drunk time in Vegas. Either way, you are entitled to call it whatever. I prefer Sin City...

    @Loren, what happened in Vegas came home in my lower intestine and was still sweating out my pores as of yesterday.