Saturday, July 25, 2009

...And for you mam'?.....Oh I highly recomend that, fine choice.

How is the new layout?...Is the white too bright? Let us now, we will keep what ever you complain about so use reverse psychology.

So unlike a convict on death row, Penelope had her first "meal" (you know, death row dudes get a last meal...right, ok, now we are on the same page)
She had some Lobster, steamed and buttered with a side of raspberry salad with almonds, for desert she had crème brûlée and a glass of shriaz to numb any teething pains.
Here is some pics.


  1. thats fun. i like the new ish

  2. That's cool dude.. She's growing up quick. The new design is ok. I've always been a fan of simple white layouts.