Monday, March 8, 2010

The Cleansing Waters of Lake Stony Mountain

So the red plastic cubs have been picked up, lamp shades returned to atop lamps, curtains re-hung and the vomit and poop properly cleansed, and thus ends the week of birthdays us at the Rial Blog United Futball Club have come to know affectionately as:clean/make mess/clean/make mess/clean.
Our corporate head quarters/sweat lodge/illegal scorpion drop house has see some traffic these first days of March ( and end of February). By and quick and completely inaccurate head count I am going to say 48 people. That is alot of ginger ale Kool-Aid punch, plates of cheese and crackers, and conversations about desert adapted drought tolerant trees.

So, we the members of this particular Rial Splinter Cell have all grown one year older, and not too much wiser. Sarah has up-ted the anti on how good a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake can taste, and this is a bad thing, and Penelope as accrued more annoying sound making devices. Overall great success.

And how about this rain huh? I have soooo many weeds on the plantation grounds its mind numbing. The crops we grow to feed the resistance are loving this though, soon, like say April, we will have a harvest that includes and is not limited to: amber ale, lettuce, Jalapeno, Eggplant, Corn, Snow Peas, and thru the Stony Mountain Fortress Community Supported Farm plan that Ben and Joe and my sister have bought into with us, some wine, irish ale, pale ale and hefe-weizen, Tomatoes, watermelon. So be prepared to be underwhelmed at how not good we are in producing our own food/liquor.

And that is it for now, still waiting on the camera and people to email us photos from theirs. Soon my friends, soon we will reap the rewards of looking at photos.

this ain't Portland, its Phoenix.

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