Monday, March 22, 2010

I am afraid I am going to have to run for my life one of these days, one of these days

In the break room of my high end fashion related house of wares is a plethora of magazines for us, the lucky few who get to break from our work day in there. Its the standard fair: Gossip Rags, Glamor, GQ, Retail Eyeglasses Quarterly. But sometimes there is a random wild card magazine. Today it was "Hello:Canada". And I thumbed thru this magazine and it was just a bunch of pics of hockey players and profiles of Olympic Gold Medalists. I wonder if there are other issues of "hello:Canada" out there and what the hell are they about. Let me look.

Well...there is a Hello Magazine that profiles celebrity's for gossip purposes and there is a that is an archived web cast show about contemporary issues in Canadian Provinces. So I am assuming that this magazine is a special print addition to this website. Huh.

Any way, we are pretty bored/average/malcontent here at the Rial Blog former tap dance instructors facing ethics lawsuits social club. I mean, we are writing about random magazines in our work place break rooms, and not even finishing the thought, just kinda throwing it out there. I would like to blame the Ides of March. I will also like to not expand on that idea as well.

i swear to god/God/gawd/over spirit/allah/Ares/Baal/chemosh/lemmy/Fenrir/Horus/Isis/Osiris/Jupiter/Krisna/jesus/Loki/Minerva/Odin/posiden/Quetzalcoatl/Shiva/Vishnu/Zeus that some time this week, we will bombast you with soooooooo many pictures your eyes will bleed and you will have to go get lasic eye surgery just to finish viewing the amount of pictures we will unleash.

Things of note:
People that like to party with tea are pissed
Clash of Titans looks like a rad movie, even though the first was rad in different ways.

Au revoir mes amis morts


  1. Hello:Canada sounds really lame. Sorry dude. But hey, on a solid note, I've been updating my blog a lot more, so hit it up.

    Also, Dan T is in town and wants to rock a skate sesh, so you should go too.