Monday, March 1, 2010

Tight pants at the source awards

So we are genital deep into birthday week...not really, it is starting today, but how to you irreverently say we are starting something?...We just kicked the tires on this repo tow Truck we call Birthday Week....We circumcised the mule and are heading down the canyon of birthday week? Hmmm....

Well anyway, much like March Madness in relation to NCAA basketball, we have our brackets filled out and coolers of light beer waiting for consumption. Penelope had a birthday party Saturday and we are still finagling with the paparazzi about the price of the photos taken, so when they are available, we will share with you. The party was rad, the food was good, and the cakes off the hook, but again, stay tuned (unless i forget to write about all that, which happens alot)

Hopefully the Rial Blog Man Made Lake Scuba/Recovery Team will have a new camera this week, so we can take photos of other peoples kids and pass them of as ours, much like we have been doing for 11 months now...and...update ....over?

...Nah, real quick, it got cloudy at my place of work, spooky cloudy, and this dude, totally normal dude, got kinda weird, I asked if everything was ok, he said, in a look or almost horror, "the evil comes" and kinda retreated into his shell. Weird right?

So until the darkness takes you....

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