Thursday, December 9, 2010 have to hide your love away.

People get bummed alot. I know I do. I think its the amount of time your bummed compounded by the severity or said bum divided by how much you let being bummed become who you are (or affect your demeanor, but I like the become who you are phrase). I see the most amount of people being not hyped when I am either at work or at some ones work. And really, who likes slaving there life away for a false hope of something "better". I sure as shit don't. But I also don't like being bummed. If I hulked around all day being bummed and miserable (well I am miserable, but in a positive way, kinda like being sick, your sick and shitty, but you don't have to go to work and you get to sit around and not get dressed and relax, but your body is fighting if an infection, so your kinda miserable....maybe that analogy is a stretch...and off topic...well not off topic...but going int he wrong direction...maybe we should get back to the story at hand.....)

If I sulked around work all day being miserable and bummed then screw it. Might as well put a bullet in my head because guess what folks, we spend most our meaningless lives at work, buck up and make it the best you can. Because your bumming me out, and I will attack you. But seriously,I will attack you, and seriously, cheer the hell up, stop being so lame, I know you want to go back to bed but stupid work forced you to get up, guess what? I want to be water ski-ing while drinking champagne out of hollowed out Caribu tusks, but guess who didn't get to do that! Not letting it bring me down, and you know that is a pretty incredible thing, your reason to be bummed was sleep, that shit happens every day of every year to every single person. And it WILL happen again, just make it thru this day and get home and jump in bed and sleep away the part of the day that your never going to be miserable because your only truly happy when your in your fantasy dream world where your hot and smart and well read and don't smell like an old coat and you are funny and be think your interesting. Yeah, the horrible sun will rise and you will have to go back to being a sinister bum out machine, but then after 8 grueling hours you can get back to your world where your only truly appreciated and can really be your self, cause god forbid you can really be nice and funny and smart and interesting at work, because that place SUCKS!

Hmmm...what else, oh, do you get angry about seasons greetings? Really? Do you collect old newspapers? Give me a break. I don't personally think some Jewish dude was born in a shed 2000 years ago this month, but I don't care, if for one month we can all be positive and festive and joyful and what the hell ever, then sign me the eff up, and if some one wants to say Season Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, I really don't give a shit, at least they aren't complaining about how shitty there life is and are being positive people and trying to make the day some what pleasant, even if it is under the pretense of a false idea. Being nice is awesome!

Merry Thursdays.

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