Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dos Dub-0 Nueve pt 1.

So it has been a while since we last spoke, it is my fault, sorry to leave you all hanging' and by you all I am assuming the 5 friends or whatever they are calling it to the right of this post are the only people that read this. It has been mildly crazy over the past 10 days, I had inventory at the eastern euro body odor brewery and worked 120 hours over the past two weeks. Sarah had a baby shower, got a note from the doc to not work overtime and New Years eve came and went, my grandmother in Nebraska passed away and I discovered a lumpy tissue build up on my chronically pained left wrist...shits not tight.

So lets dive right in: New years.
Bens wife and all around great person Hanna hosted a gala at her mothers home. She had my band, Said Gun, Ricks band Merman Boner, and The Platt brother musical co-habitation "Thursday night band" play, and plenty of vodka drinks were provided. On a quick side tangent, I purchased some "moon shine" or corn whiskey from some mega booze retailer for Ben/Nick birthday over Christmas. At nicks party, which was flooded with Chilada's, the Budlight clamato mix that me and Rynn purchased for the brothers Norris, I decided it would be delicious if I added some 'shine to the Chilada, and called it Clamshine and hyped it up beyond belief. People would drink it, gag, and then regret ever meeting me. Fast forward one week and we have a hotdog/ben party again at Rynns, and the AJJ dudes show up with some kinda whiskey they were calling the "Dew". (it is a known fact that Tillamore Dew is "the dew" and not whatever whiskey they had) To enlighten these folks on the use of whiskey as an additive to anything, we would combine sauerkraut juice and whiskey with a few kraut pulps, and sell it like it was good. That drink is called the whiskey-tini. So now fast forward another week. Its New Years, and Hanna and here bar tending brother are making "Mad Dogs" (great by the way) and "buffalo hair" or something like that. Well, the corn whiskey makes its appearance again, and this time it is in shot form, let me introduce the "small intestine". It is corn whiskey, hot sauce and some gross looking egg based liquor that settles in the bottom and resembles the bowls of a small mammal. i didn't have it, but I am sure it was gross.

Anyway, the bands played, you can check a video out on our myspace www.myspace.com/437920585 , Ben is converting the rest for youtube enjoyment. The wife had a bottle of sparkling Lemon aide, which was delicious until Rick ran off with it and drank 48%, after that it wasn't the same, we went home 12:15 ish I think as the pregnant one gets tired easy (what a wuss right?)

So moving on in this epic update, my grandmother Josephine (Joe) passed away Jan 11th and I will be flying out to the reverse hell that is Omaha Nebraska on Wednesday night, paying respects, getting frost bite and flying home Thursday night. There is a high of 4 for that day so I am very pumped on seeing my breather freeze then shatter at my frozen to the cemetery feet. On a bit of big ups to G-ma, Grandma Joe was the "mean" grandma, mean as in older and not as agile as my other grandma, but me and Sarah went out and stayed with her several years ago and it was a life changing experience. I would rate that up with the first time I heard Bad Religions suffer, pushed my first skateboard, kissed my wife for the first time, saw Leatherface live, and ate Indian Fry bread. Me and Sarah were very charmed and impressed by my fathers mother, and don't care what anyone says, grandma Joe is a very cool and inspiring lass. May her what ever it is that leaves your body when you die find happiness, if in fact what ever it is that leaves your body when you die can feel things, when it goes to were ever it is that it goes.

Alright next, my wrist which I have had diagnosed by the most un professional and un qualified people as Carpel tunnel syndrome, as suddenly emerged with some sort of growth, which isn't very exciting. but what is is Sarah's, and by default mine, baby shower went off with out a hitch and provided us with all we need. My personal faves are the converse, the panda eared beanie and the dude-esq diaper bag. the theme was carnival and it had games and photo booths and apparently hotdogs and other great things, Sarah was soooo excited and happy. Thanks to all and to all...til Friday when I recap the rest of this yarn of delight and this 2009.

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