Sunday, January 25, 2009

If it wasn't for...well something that ends in curtains.

In Sarahs first week of the sweat shop guild she has completed chamber's 1-4: breaking the sewing machine and sewing curtains. With a nod to the high end designers at the boutique called target, Sarah has transformed our baby room into a circle patterned show case, a abit of a turn from its former state of "everything that can possible be white is white".

To pitch in my effort in making the child's room more tolerable than my own I have began a campaign of creating crappy paintings of animals than if I were to purchase at a store would cost more than the $3 canvas and $12 pain set and make me feel totally ripped of on the outcome of the product.

Notice the technique used by the masters, the stoke, the attention to detail, the ability to humanize an octopus, brilliant indeed. next up, a bald eagle, a zebra, the earth, and a modern art work yet to be decided. Oh and a guitar, a skateboard, and a bike.

So with less than a month til take off, we are still undecided on a name, undecided on a religion, I am thinking raise the kid wiccan Sarah is leaning towards libertarian. But we are getting pumped, me because my legacy and heritage shall continue and the laws of primogeniture will invoke, and Sarah so she can quit being huge and house like. (a building where people live, not the television medical drama starring hugh laurie). I want to o watch The Wrestle, but Sarah has no interest, so I might make it a solo mission, but I hear movies are few and far between so I must act quick. Sarah is washing all the uni-sex clothing and prepping the babies room for its arrival, she calls it nesting, i call it Boring, but the verdict is still out. We shall stay a little more up to date around her as everyday is bringing newer and grander surprises and stories (not really, but i have a new years resolution to not quit anything until at least two lunar cycles, so you have me til February8 at the soonest.)

Til the time comes again, I bid you a do.

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