Friday, January 16, 2009

Dos Dub-0 Nueve pt 2.

Hola y bienvenidos, I have returned and am un scathed from the frozen plains and have more incredible mind shattering news to bestow upon you, and by "mind shattering" I mean my normal life and by "news" I mean boring stories of my week.

So picking up where I left off, Nebraska. Me and my sister Amy flew out Wednesday night, watched some Chuck and Monk episodes on the flop down TV monitors United Airlines has and arrived in -15 degree weather in Omaha Nebraska. It was so cold I couldn't breath and was pretty sure that a gas leak had occurred and I was seconds away from a fiery death (which would have been welcomed in such extreme cold.) but my sister let me know that it is just cold and she then reminded me I have a male reproductive organ and to act accordingly. We went to the funeral at 11 the next day and it had crept up to -8 or something, so it wasn't cut open a dead Tauntaun and crawl inside cold, but more maybe I don't need to go outside to smoke today cold. The church, St Cecilia's Cathedral (much like Ohioans refer to the college as THE Ohio State, this place is referred to as THE Cathedral). A cavernous place that made want to believe in a bearded lightning bolt wielder by its sheer intimidation. I will hand it to the Catholics, they can build some serious churches, why did they stop this practice?, I felt like I was in the Vatican, but alas I was in Omaha Nebraska, genius I say. Here is a link, this place is incredible, its HUUGE! Saint Cecelia's Cathedral Pictures, open in new tab!

On a quick side note, several people I spoke to told me it is like when it is 120 in Phoenix and people are out and about, well no, it is not, 120 you stay in the shade, get some water and chill, -anything you get on a plane and get the eff out. But I guess you get used to it, I like Omaha, I think it is a cool and not backwater-ish town, I would like to get to know the place more, but I m west coast til I die mother effer's, seriously, I have some gang affiliations that do not allow me to cross the great divide or whatever it is called that makes the water flow east or west.

So, I bear-ed some pall, ate the zombie body of Christ, and went to my uncles place, sweet digs I saw, very cozy and "liberal" if that can be used to describe someones house. At some food, mingled, and then shoved off for my return home. While there I got to wear a suit with leather gloves and an overcoat and a beanie and looked very east coast fashionable, I like the opportunity so I kept the gear on for the plane and I was defiantly treated differently, some dude and I had a discussion about the pros and cons of not flying business class on trips, I was full of shit, he was a D-bag, it was great.

So, the wife, she felt ill most the past couple days and has the better part of this week off to relax and recuperate. She is growing increasing uncomfortable as her body prepares to push a new life into this world. I am totally down for a surrogate next time, she says no, what a sadomasochist. We have been setting up the babies room, we are putting the crib up today, I think that will make Sarah feel more at ease. She is exciting to start doing motherly things like make curtains with here new sewing machine, and she has all these fairy tale stories to read the child. Now if she would only clean the kitchen and make me dinner....(she does, Sarah actually cleaned the living hell out of the house the other day, reversing the weeks chiropractor work, again what a sadomasochist.)

I spoke with you all earlier about the beard for baby, well that died a horrible death the other day. I got a funny Mario brothers style look:

a Dude-ly / gay guy look:

And I got a bunch others, but those can all be chronicled on my Myspace and or Facebook found linked at the bottom of this site.

Tonight we have some celebrating for Hannas birthday, which should really be the last public appearance of the dual Rials, as Sarah can handle too much anymore. She got her hair cut, by the way, and while I am a huge supporter of the long female mane, the shorter do will be ok for now,easier for her to handle. She required me to add "The Women" o the netflix que, and it has sat on our coffee table for over a week, so our priority's for the next 5 weeks are to get that damn movie out, do everything we can to prepare for baby, save money for some type of smart phone, get my car emmisioned and anxiously await the new propaghandi/birth of our child. So i may of lost track of myself somewhere on here some where,the next post will have alot more Sarah picks and stories, i swear, but i am done for now...its been a slice, til next time....

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