Friday, June 12, 2009

It is what it isn't

Penelope is off getting some photos taken by a "professional" today, plus I have some cute shots to share, next week, we will have picture heavy posts all week in recognition of me moving into the new house. Penelope is also going camping: first spinal tap, 3 days, first camping 3 months, I think she may be above the curve.

Ok... "angry ranting", and no disrespect to people who use this phrase....but enough of "it is what it is". We cannot sum up important or non important events in life to nonsensical phrases. That damn phrase makes no sense! its dumb. Of course it is what it is, what the eff else can it be! I didn't ask what it was, and if I did, "it is what it is" is not an answer. For example and totally a side note, Walmart just opened a Supermercado, those who don't know Spanish, thats a supermarket, or a super walmart. It caters to the huuuuge Mexican population here in Phoenix. People, mostly fat white people, are in arms. They are disgusted about the browning of America, ironically, these are the same people that shop at Walmart because it is "american". Guess what...Mexico didn't build the Supermercado, Walmart did, Guess what, Walmart is all about making money, and catering to the brownies is a smart effing way for them to fill up there blood coffers. I don't care Walmart did this, it makes sense, I also don't shop at Walmart so I don't subsribe to the token Walmart mentality, which includes exploiting workers in the name of America, exploiting resources and municipality's in the name profit for the Waltan clan, and censoting music. I wonder if they hired a spanish speaker to listen to all the raggeton albums to censor those...any way, back to the topic at hand. "it is what it is" does not sum up Walmarts supercarneceria, its not a good answer.

Oh man...what else....the Magic blew that game last night. And I am moving, I am thinking a Fourth of July party will rule....

that is it for now, pics next week.

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  1. So, when someone say's "it is what it is.." That can't really be taken at face value. In a way, it is like saying, "It sucks, but you can't change it, so you need to either accept it or leave it alone." It's a quick phrase kinda like, "if you can't beat em, join em." Both phrases suck, but they do have a solid place in American venacular. The reason for it's place is because we (Americans) are so effing spoon-fed and politically "open-minded", that we will allow almost anything to happen, even if it is completely retarded, and then protest it after the fact. It's because we are all closet pussies who only express ourselves in group form.. Get us behind the ballot box, and we still are persuaded by peer pressure.

    I am ALL for the Mexican Walmart because it doesn't impact my life AT ALL. I am not going to shop there, and I am not Mexican, so what does it have to do with me. Those racist bastards should be praising Mexcanamart (or whatever) because that just means that there will be less Mexicans in 'their' Wal Mart. Get over it retards. America is a melting pot, and by denying that we are diverse is like denying that my dog poops in my closet evey morning, and instead of waking up to Folgers, I wake up to turd-smell.