Monday, June 29, 2009

Ones For me, Ones For you

What it be? What it is? How are you? I have been moving and I am tired and sore and indebted to Rick for his help, thanks homey. Sarah murdered a scorpion in cold blood last night. Violent and totally killer instinct style, it was a horror scene. So, we live on a mountain and stuff, so bugs are expected, we got roaches that fly, spiders, scorpions, its pretty rugged and raw, but such is life in the desert.
You know we try and build these Tuscan cookie cutter chicken wire dry walled monstrosity across my (and the whole The Rials family blog team) beloved desert and put in artificial lakes and grass as far as the eye can see with golf courses and turf yards, but thats some weak sauce man, We live in the gnarly, rugged, dangerous desert, and it takes gnarly, rugged, dangerous people to live here. Yeah I am scared that my kid will get stung by a scorpion, but at least I know it could happen, and I chose to live next to them, so know, make the proper arrangements.
We are getting the home very slowly put away, but man its hot and I am tired and sarah has to feed a kid and stuff. So it will be done by our 4th of July blowout vaganza (its just a regular vaganza, no extra, but should still be fun)
This weekend we went to a birthday party on the western side of this city, it was fun, I ate too many veggie dogs and couldn't belch away the lump in my chest, and Penelope enjoyed being carried thru the water feature. Later Saturday I went and and caught the final performance of Stereotyperider and boy o' boy was it good. If you missed it, well, that sucks. They played a scorching almost 3 hour set with an intermission, and I may have lost my voice, this blog isnt about my voice, cuz if it was you would be listening to me and not reading me. Anyway, the 2nd set was rawkus and when I came back into the bar, there was champagne and Whiskey for everyone. three things I really enjoy, Champagne, Whiskey and Stereotyperider, so imagine my excitement......did you do it? Come on....Imagine..............pretty excited right?
Well I had to drive, so I just took a couple pulls in celebratory salute and watched them capstone 10 years of being rad dudes and an awesome band.
Well, thats time....clever writing and actual topics....just wait......

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