Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You shall not pass

We have moved 94% of our stuff into the new mountain retreat, its pretty exciting. Sunsets and sunrises are like 10043% more awe inspiring and its so quite I can hear commotion from half a mile away. Bugs have peak there exoskeleton bodies, but we are having the house sprayed thursday so its like totally legit, ya know?

We are most likely going to be a one bath house until we remodel our very outdated master bath, its usable, but just not as nice as the other bath. We got two new fancy washer and dryers, which will be cool til north Korea bombs the LG factory and we are assed out on parts. Lets see....yeah, thats about it about that. We haven't really been there, we have just kinda slept there, we have to take care of the old palce one last time ie: clean, wipe all finger prints, then burn down.

Penelope is acting an dlooking more and more like a little kid, its wierd. She grabs things and turns her head and stuff. Plays with toys (and by play I mean trys to eat them) Its fun. i like her alot.

Uhhmmm...Sarah is cool, she likes the new place. i am fine, I like things. Bands playing out alot.

Sooooo.....boring.....I felt I needed to update, but maybe I should have been more inspired.


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