Thursday, June 18, 2009

You will know me by the trail of chex mix......

I promised pictures, but I have been retardly busy and side tracked, so you get words today, maybe pics later or tomorrow.

We have been trying to close on our new house all week, but issue have risen about appliances and the lack there off. Its all settled and I have the keys, although I don't technically own it til tomorrow. I sat with Penelope and looked at the massive mountain that is at our doorstep, and a whole parade of neighbors walked by with dogs and babys and said there hellos, and probally 2 zillion hikers attacked that Mountain around 6:30, so mental note not to stand naked in my windows with a samurai sword around that hour (or maybe I should, to send a message)

Waiting for Sarah to get off work and come to the final walk thru I was hanging at the park on 12th St and Dunlap sorta near my new place, checking out the locals, standing there with my baby, just staring off. Some homeys shooting hoops lost there ball and I retrieved it, they were nice and cordial, and I am thinking cool, no pretense here, just working class folk hanging out....and then.

This little black kid maybe 11 years old max with high water pants and an exceptionally dorky long sleeve polo come up to me and asks me what I am staring at. Kid looked like a tiny Steve Urkel, I look around befuddled, and reply "I was just staring dude, nothing in particular"

He counters with a " cause if you were looking at me, I will bust you up"

I laugh and reply "serious? well I don't want any trouble and I most certainly was not staring at you"

he comes again "man, you can't front on me, I will seriously bust you up, you don't know"

I am trying to hold back a burst of laughter " well, I am fairly certain that you cannot in fact bust me up, but I don't want to find out, so I am sorry if you thought I may have been looking at you, but I wasn't, and we have settled any differences you perceived us to have"

kid: "man you come to my park and talk all honky at me, I am going to watch you punk, keep your eyes to the ground"

then he walked over to a lamp pole, crossed his arms and mad dogged me for the next 15 minutes...until his mom called for him to go home and eat dinner from across the street.

I hope my people skills aren't passed on to the baby, in the past couple years, with little provocation from me I have been swung at by a co-worker, almost stabbed in a bar, almost jumped in a College class, stiff shouldered in college hallways repeatedly, busted up by an 11 year old. I am assuming my package is showing thru my pants and these people have penis envy, or maybe I look like an arrogant dick, which may or may not be tru, depending on how much fiber I have had....who knows, but I haven't thrown a punch in anger or gotten in a physical confrontation, save pulling people off some friends who got jumped, in 13 years, so I feel I am doing pretty good.

The baby is cute as all get out, making noise, holding bottles, solving crossword puzzles. You got to see these pictures I have...and the baby has some cute photos also.

I will see you when you get there...if you ever get there.

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  1. There's black people in phoenix? who aren't on a professional basketball team?