Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wielding A Red Sword

The Rial Blog Rouge Catholic/Jehovah Witness/Zoroaster Hybrid Prayer Hut International Headquarters secretly located on the slopes of South Stony Mountain in the Village known as East Sunnyslope in the geopolitical basin known as Phoenix that is found in the Monroe Doctrine envisioned occupied territories called Arizona in the hyper sensitive and fake line on map region refereed to as the United States of America on the soon to sink land mass falsely named North America that is situated on the third rock from the sun entitled Terra, has been over run by mosquitoes.

These blood suckers are out for justice. The whole place is lousy with em'. And you know why? Its wi-fi. Transmitting the Internet thru the air was a bad idea, I told them this when I was advised in the Council of Trent. (look it up) I told them that air born animals will become self aware and will know our secrets. They will be caught up on our television shows, learn how schedules and habits and know our secrets. This is fact. We don't ger very many mosquitoes at the wicker hut very often, if ever, and now, completely over run. And you know why? Let em explain to you why.

For our loyal and long time readers, and believe me, there is no one new here, if there was I would be making more money selling all your IP address to google to base ads to your Internet searching tastes, but there isn't, but in case there is....we at the Rial Blog Fully Clothed Nude Catalog HATE vampires and all vampire related things worthy of hate. We have written volumes upon leather bound volumes of anti-vampire propaganda. And you know who shares a kindred solidarity with vampires?


Sons of bitches are aiming for us because we speak the truth, we stand up and we say NO MORE DUMB, HOMO EROTIC (but not in a cool mustache kinda way),LAZY EYED, MOUTH BREATHING VAMPIRE TV SHOWS/MOVIES! And the mesquites heard, oh they heard loud and clear. Penelope's soft, baby like legs...completely covered inch by inch with the wounds of these flesh penetrating insects. What is to become of here 19 month baby shorts photo shoot? How is she to wear skirts and not feel self conscious. She works hard, climbing up and down the bed, to sculpt lean baby legs. Now, she looks as if her complexion is that of a a burn victim. Nothing against burn victims, but ask them and they will be the first to say they would prefer not having discoloring an painfully scars on there bodies, I guarantee that.

So be careful what you do, be care full what you say, it might be held against you in court one day, the court of vengeance.

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